Miramonti Boutique Hotel

miramonti 1 miramonti 2 miramonti 4 miramonti 7 miramonti 8 miramonti 9 miramonti 10Every year this time of year I start dreaming about going to the Alps or way up North to experience nature while changing colors and breathing that super clean crisp air. The Miramonti boutique hotel in the South Tyrol, Italy, passed by my feed on instagram via @smallluxuryhotels and the dream was once again starting. A weekend with that view? Yes please!

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Your weekend things!

weeeeeekeeendI would love to hear you share your weekend plans and ideas! Some inspiration for all of us. Please don´t be shy, sometimes there are not many comments here but I can see for a fact that there are many of you stopping by and it would really be great to hear from you. So please share! Don´t have to answer all of it if you don´t want to, here is just some ideas to get you going.

  1. Weekend thoughts, what are you looking forward to doing the most? Could be more than one thing..
  2. What music will you listen to?
  3. What film/series and/or book might you watch and read?
  4. What food will you eat/cook?
  5. What event should we not miss?

I´ll start…

  1. Tonight just staying home with the kids watching a movie like most Fridays  and I love it. Tomorrow, football game as every weekend with our son, ride our bikes for a big tour our daughter has planned all week since she just learned how do ride her bike after years of refusing to try. We have been on a lot of bike tours this passed week…Unpacking and putting together new furniture for our kid´s rooms. They are getting older and their rooms look as if they where as they would say ”babies”. Sunday dinner at my parents house after the movies.
  2. I will listen to whatever you are telling me to! Need new inspiration. I´m always (!) listening to music and am in desperate need of refueling with new stuff.
  3. We are actually having trouble finding new series and films at the moment as we have gone through it all it seems. We are serie junkies I have to say. Started watching Easy on Netflix the other day so my guess is that we will have reached the end of that by Sunday evening…
  4. Really want to try that good ravioli….
  5. There won´t be any big events for me this weekend but would love to hear what I´m missing!

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Some cravings right now….1. Luna Star Necklace by Pernille Corydon. You can find it here. 2. Knockout table by Ida Linea Hildebrand, Friends & Founders. This one would be perfect in our hallway and I´m hoping for a piece to one of my clients as well. You can find it here. 3. Candra pillowcase. I can see these as well in my bed as in my sofa or on outdoor furniture in the summer. You can find them here. 4. I have no idea where to find this dress (just a pinterest find) but I love the whole look madly and in my next life I will look like that 5. Singolo bedset from Mille Notti. I used this one for a job that you can see soon and fell in love with the quality and elegant hotel look. I´m sure we will see even more of bedsets like these in interior stylings in the future. You can find them here. 6. Next to me while working almost every day, I´m addicted to it´s fresh scent. Meraki scented candle sandalwood and jasmine. And a major bonus, it has a very reasonable price for being a scented candle. You can find it here.