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the way we play 1 the way we play 2 the way we play 3 the way we play 4One house that many probably have picked up on right now is the house of model & stylist Malin Persson who used to live in Milan but now has moved back to the south of Sweden in an adorable house with furniture details to die for. I just love the big cupboard in the kitchen, the bathroom & the cozy feeling it has to it. Currently featured in both Elle Decoration Sweden & here from the fairly new interesting online magazine The Way We Play. Also – don´t miss out on their visit to the amazing and very inspiring Hanna Wessman of Hanna´s Room.

All pics from The Way We Play by photographer Linda Alvegren with thanks.

The family

The family, Anna MårseliusI do get comments and sometimes emails wishing that I should get more personal with the blog. It will however probably stay the way it is despite of that as I more find this space a place where I collect and share my inspiration. However I do understand the comments, I personally love blogs that are sharing and open about what is going on in their lives. You can be both an interior & lifestyle blogger at the same time of course. I´ll try to become a little bit better, bare with me. As a start I will share a pic with you of the love of my life, my family. It´s a miracle that all four of us are even in one pic as both our kids love to run off when we occasionally try to get a family one. I guess many of you recognize the situation ;)

With this I wish you all a great weekend!

Thanks for the pic C & J xx

Thank you!

thank youJust a quick note to say thank you to all the lovely people who have sent their interest in working with me. I´m honestly overwhelmed by the response and kind words from all parts of the world, so amazing to have readers who are even thinking about moving to Sweden because of this. I have not by far had the chance to go through it all but I will and will of course answer all of you. I just have to remind you that it is not at all a full-time position. I would love to have someone with me at all times but that will have to be a future dream. It is unfortunately too expensive to hire someone at the moment, and even though I feel like I work all the time and have to say no to things that I would love to do if there was more time – the money is still hardly enough to keep me going…So – it is only for hours or days here and there, therefor you would probably and even definitely need another job apart from this. Once again – thank you from the bottom of my heart! I will reply to you soon. Ax

Pic via La Petite Magazine