Too much thinking

Working from home today and realize that I have to stop thinking too much about what to do with different spaces of the house. I have so many ideas of what to do that it many times ends up with a year passing by with nothing actually happening. It is just one of those things with your own home, you want it to be so perfect it turns out the other way instead. This thought definitely got clearer today while instead of sitting at my desk (where I don´t want to sit before I have prepared the area around it nicely….stupid idea, I know) I´m as always crumbled up cheese-doodle-style in the sofa with severe back pain as result. Maybe I should just skip the interior design part for once and just sit where it is comfortable?!! Recognize the feeling?

Pic via Remodelista

Happy Monday!

Sorry for days of abscence but things are a bit hectic at the moment and my new computor and I do not speak the same language. I´ve always been a PC person but suddenly I decided to go Mac and what I´m thinking now is that I want to go back…but surely, this will come to a good place in the end too. Hope you all have had a nice and relaxing weekend!