Thank you Dusty Deco!

I want to dedicate a special thanks to the store Dusty Deco for lending me some great stuff for the final exam shoot I had this weekend. I´ve written about this store before and it is definately a place you wouldn´t want to miss out on. If you don´t live in Stockholm they also feature everything online so please have a look. Will show you the result of the shoot as soon as everything is ready.

Thank you Edin!

Pic taken by AnnaLeena (thank you!)

Mokkasin love & kids wishlist

I sure hope no one has missed the entrepreneur Sofia who is the brilliant founder of Mokkasin. Not only does she style & photograph most pictures for her personal and warm blog, but she has also got a shop with amazingly cute things for especially kids rooms & and another blog just focused on the shop. Really impressed with people like her, good job!! Here are some ideas for X-mas gifts for the little ones, all found in the shop Little Cute Mokkasin.

All pics via Sofia, Mokkasin

Something old, something new…

…something borrowed, something blue. In Januray 2010 I wrote this about the colour blue and the first picture above found today via Husligheter got me thinking of those great shades again. So – here the colour blue in something new and borrowed and some golden oldies from before. Still like it.

1: via Husligheter with thanks

2: stylist Kate French

3: stylist Kasha Harmer


Would love to be one of those who can make this happen. Fragile, cosy and beautiful.

I hope you all have had a great weekend. I´m completely knackered after two days of shooting for our final project at Beckmans. But oh, how fun and exiting! I´m so impressed with my class mates – look out everyone, here comes the next generation of interior stylists! Will show you more as soon as everything has been finalised.

Have a great start to the new week everyone!