I think this is a great example of a home with personality. Sure there are traditional design classics but what makes it personal is the details, the choice of color (even using color can sometimes feel rare) & collection of things. I would probably have avoided the big bird in the kitchen and the pregnant torso in the bedroom, but still – that is what makes it personal. I like.

Photo by: Jonas Ingerstedt, from Elle Interiör

Via Maison D´Anna G with thanks!



Good morning everyone! Hope your weekend was sunny and filled with the very best of what spring can give. I´m really happy with mine and feel full of energy as this new week starts. I will need all of that since there is so much to do before this week ends. And what an ending to the week it will be – my sister is getting married this Saturday! So excited! But before that lots of work and preperations. Wishes of a great week to all of you!

Pic via Wisuella with thanks!

Inspired by

Today I´m inspired by me previous classmate, Pella Hedeby, who is so good at capturing daily situations with great styling & touch so you just wish you where there. I´ve shown her pictures before and these dinner pics are no exception to what I like. Makes me want to (once again as I left the flowers with my husband for a weekend and they are no longer alive…) seriously start thinking about how to make our terrace what I want it to be…

Have a great Friday everyone!

Pics by Pella with thanks! 


At least once a month I go to a well-stacked store to buy lots and lots of magazines (yes, I´m addicted & guessing that many of you are too). Yesterday was one of those days and I was really annoyed to hear that we can´t buy the Danish mag RUM in Sweden anymore, I thought I had just been unlucky not to find it for a while but no – it´s gone completely. This because of a conflict of name they have with the Swedish mag RUM who apparently have made it impossible to distribute under current name. Please please solve the conflict soon as we really need the Danish version for proper inspiration too!!

Pics from RUM (dk)