One of those days

Since my holiday has been all about no work and just family fun I have completely left everything else out. One of the best things of being back is to go through all the piles of inspiration that I´ve missed during this time. Magazines, blogs, instagram, pinterest, books and whatever is out there – love it!

Pic via always so inspiring Hannas Room

Moving out


Ok folks – sorry for long break but now I´m back on full speed again! It´s been a great summer and part of the idea was to be completely off and I have, but now back with full speed. I am so excited about going back to work. Will tell you more about it later but until then I just have to tell you a few more things.

First of all – so sorry if  I have in any way seemed ignorant about your comments. I really haven´t but there has been a glitch in the system and when looking at my comments there has been more than 80 000 to look through!!! Obviously most of it is spam but it has been just too overwhelming to go through it all to see what is real and not so I haven´t answered and approved all of it yet. So very sorry about that, I am working on it and what I love the most is hearing your thoughts and comments so please don´t stop.

Another thing – I´m moving out from Living by. Thank you Living by for a great time but now it´s time for new adventures that I will tell you more about soon. I really have enjoyed being a part of such a great family of fantastic blog friends, will keep on following all of you.

So now – end of summer. Let´s make the best of it and start working towards whatever we all wish for!

Pic via We Heart It

Lazy days


Some pics from our holiday life here in Los Angeles. It truly is such an amazing time but today I just want to go home as I just became and aunt to a lovely little baby girl who I want to spend every single minute with. So happy! Congrats to the best sister in the world & K! And welcome to the world little cute one!

All pics by me

The Garden


Sorry about not having that much up dates at the moment but we have decided to go on a proper holiday for a month and as you might already know we are spending it in LA, borrowing friend´s house. It is a really nice one and I would love to show you more but as our hosts wish to remain private with their home I can only show you some pics of the luxury of having a garden with fresh sweet tomatoes for every meal, strawberries, palm trees, figs, lemon, lime and herbs of different kinds. Living next to a big road back home that truly is something you treasure.

Pic 1-3: by me

4: from Jennie with thanks! Tasted and looked good!