Girl crush

Girl crush x6No, girl crush doesn´t cut it – women crush is more accurate.

1. the one and only – B (by Alasdair Mclellan for the Gentlewoman 2013), 2. Robin Wright, what is there more to say? Total admiration.. You haven´t missed House of Cards I hope?!, 3. flawless and brilliant from then, Academy Awards 1979,  until now, Meryl Streep, 4. Lauren Hutton in a Gap ad 2002 but still looks the same and is now 71 years old?!!, 5. Helena Christensen by Jocelyn Bain Hogg so much more than Chris Isaak 5. Julianne Moore for Vogue Germany 2004, the queen of red.


fluff 1 fluff 3 fluff 2As deep as my love is for clean lines, soft greytones and Scandinavian touch to an interior – equally much do I like to sometimes shift away from that looking at the use of fabrics, warmer moods and colors. I can get so fed up with everything looking exactly the same here in the Nordics and after spending time in my friend´s amazing house in London I realized that I have really missed all of this. The combination and possibility to enjoy both is just perfect.

Pics via RSA