bild-107Please tell me, who do you follow on Instagram for inspiration? Is there something I´m missing out there? You can see who I follow on my annagillar account but just to name a few that I always find myself to hit the ”gillar” button for are elveravanschaik, annaleenashem, amy_merrick, daniellawitte, hildemork78, tantjohanna, linda_lomelino, linethitklein, sofiaatmokkasin and many more. Please hit me – what should I (and everyone else reading this blog) not miss?

Pic from my Instagram. A shot from a friend´s house in London who is an amazing interior designer that we will se more of in the future.



On 20m2

Josefin 1 Josefin 2 Josefin 3 Josefin 4 Josefin 5 Josefin 6Back from our weekend in London with so much fun despite fever and mostly rain. Many of you have probably seen this home already but it´s too good not to post so here we go. The 20 m2 of the absolutely lovely Josefin Hååg of the blog with the same name – 20Kvadrat. Her style is as always impeccable & I would say that this is the spot on example of Nordic heartbeats right now.

Photo: Kristofer Johnsson, published in Residence, coordination: Lotta Agaton

Not too far away…

Spring 1 Spring 2 NEW YORK FASHION WEEK SS14 Spring 4 Spring 5 Spring 7It´s probably not even close to be Spring in our corner of the world but being home with a sick little one I see Instagram reports of Snowdrops, hear the birds sing enthusiastically  outside & I actually think I saw one bit of blue sky for 2 seconds there. Fingers crossed that  this is the true beginning of the best feeling of the year.

1: Rorie Brennan 2: Hannas Room, 3: Mia Ålund, 4-6

The Bow Sofa

bild-106The Bow Chair by Lisa Hilland for Gemla was one of last year´s favorites at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair so I was not at all disappointed when seeing another family member in the bentwood Bow Sofa presented this year. I absolutely love it (please ignore the yellow tone of my instagram & see ash and organically tanned leather with bronze detailing). What do you think, do you like it?

Pic from my Instagram