Instagram favorites of the week

A new category for Fridays, inspired by This Is Glamorous!  As I love checking out Instagram & spend far too much time on there I thought it would be a good idea to share each week´s most inspiring posts. I could show you a hundred too but have tried to narrow it down to nine. Hope you like it! xx

@annringstrand of fashion brand Hope, 2. @figtny NY cravings, 3. @quietpoem soft bloom 4. @yellowtrace thousands of balloons in Covent Garden, 5. @yellowtrace features a refurbishment of a 1932 Tudor style home by Hacin + Associates. Photo by Michael Stavaridis, 6. @cntraveler coast of Brazil from the Prainha hiking trail,  7.  @ohfrantastic pic of The Line NY, @alexanderwhitesthlm kitchen love via Oscar Properties,

Imaginary home

mini 4 mini 3mini 2 office dream 6

Let´s take up the category of creating an imaginary home by putting together rooms of different houses to one place. I always try to imagine who lives there, what they like and what they do. Just search in the category ”Imaginary home” if you would like to see the ones created before.

Pics via The Glossier Nerd with thanks. 


Longing for LA

LA 1 LA 2 LA 3 LA 4 LA 5 LA 6LA överstThese pics by amazing photographer Pia Ulin made me want to go back to LA immediately . One of the things I love the most about that city is walking around (yes I know, walking is not very easy there but there are areas like Los Feliz, Santa Monica, Silverlake etc where you can actually walk and not always go by car) looking at houses and all different kinds of architecture, materials, colours and solutions that you so rarely see back home. Most houses have their specific magic and personality to it and I just love that. Looking at the wood in these pictures, the two last pics might not be part of the same house -but how magical would it be if the room with all the windows was the room facing a hidden backyard?

All pics by Pia Ulin.