Instagram favorites of the week

It´s been a while since the last ”Instagram favorites of the week” so here we go, let´s start this week by some Christmas inspiration. Have a good one everybody! xx

1: Beautiful setting via @evakosmasflores 2: movable winter cabin ”Moonriver” designed by Hangar Design Group for Pircher Overland via @styleandcreate 3: a December morning at home with @annacate 4: the cutest Christmas calendar by @blackbirdstyle 5: dreamy inspiration via @artillerietstore 6: holiday table setting by @gatherandfeast 7: never thought I would put a thermos on the wishlist but the Sol & Luna Thermos gave me cravings. Via @jennikayne 8: stay in bed kind of mood by always lovely @local_milk 9: decorations and other endless beauty chez @aquietstyle



naturals 1 naturals 2 naturals 3Instead of being in Gothenburg for the weekend we are now back in Stockholm after having been stuck on a train in the middle of nowhere for hours yesterday. The storm really made a lot of mess all over the country. So instead of a long wanted mini Christmas eve with the in-laws I´m in my favorite chair screening the internet with a glass of wine. So thankful for the comments I get here and love when finding new blogs through them. This time the lovely Brass&Gold by Patrik Petersson. The apartment above was one of the findings, love the natural tones to it.

Pics via Brass & Gold and April & May with thanks 

Latest work

JM 1 JM 2 JM 3 JM 4 JM 5 JM 6 JM 7 JM 8 JM 9 JM 10 JM 11This is one projects that I´ve been working on the past months – decorating an apartment for JM (one of Scandinavia´s biggest developers of housing and residential areas). The apartment had already been decorated once so the assignment was to give it a new costume of colors and furniture. You can see some pics of what it looked like before here. It was such a fun project and I am so thankful for all the help and support from the amazing Marie Ramse and the rest of the team. Also big thanks to photographer Ragnar Ómarsson for a great day in November trying to chase what is left of the daylight nowadays. If you would like to see the planning process you can view the mood board here.  I hope you like the result xx

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