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hemma hos Louise 1hemma hos Louise 3 hemma hos Louise 2hemma hos Louise 4Had the pleasure together with photographer Kristofer Johnsson to visit the lovely home  Louise Ljungberg and her family. Great solutions with industrial windows between the rooms to let the light in and making it feel both bigger and with lots of air. Full view in the latest Residence Magazine.

Styling by me, photo Kristofer Johnsson for Residence Magazine


At home with

IR 1 IR 2 IR 3 IR 5IR 4Going to the launch event of the absolutely amazing collection ”Viktigt” by Ingegerd Råman for Ikea yesterday made me want to republish the pics of Ingegerd´s summerhouse in the south of Sweden. That office has always been one of my favorites and I just love how airy and light the house feels. Just as beautiful as Ingegerd herself, born in 1943 she still looks incredible and seems to be such a sweet person.

Pics via Sköna Hem with thanks. The house is decorated with the help of Claesson Koivisto Rune. Photo by Gabriella Dahlman



Color coded

cc 1 cc 2 cc 3 cc 4 cc 5 cc 6 cc 7 cc 9One of the things spotted yesterday visiting Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair was the increasing use of color and especially color coding and different shades of the same color. The boldest example of that was from Hay (& Gulled) using different colors on all walls throughout  their space. Unfortunately I don´t have any good pics from the fair to show you an example but just stumbled across this apartment that shows the same idea really well. Not sure I would have the courage to go all in at home but it´s very interesting to look at and gives you new ideas. Läs mer


möbelmässanMonday and a start to a fun week with Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair! The official start is not until tomorrow but the events have already taken off and there are so many exciting things to see and attend to. I only wish I could go to all of it but there is also a whole lot of work to fit in. What we call luxury problems….Have a good week everybody and hope to see some of you during the following days! Ax

Pic via Slufoot with thanks