March: On my mind

Last day of March and time for my second monthly list. Here we go!

Monthly List March travelTravel: When I was about 12 my parents and their friends rented a big boat – pram        style – and went through the canals of France. It was quite an interesting experience going through the locks and seeing France from a different perspective. My favorite memory is jumping of the boat, running to a strawberry field picking your own basket and running back to sit on front of the boat eating those sun warm berries. I probably won´t do the exact trip again but seeing this image made me think back.

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Monthly list March shoesShoes: This month is all about comfortable shoes as I (eh…) dropped a very heavy lamp on my foot and it went twice it´s size causing to say the least a little bit of pain. Already have too many Adidas but this pair could easily fit into the collection too. The love for details is constant.

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snowdropsFlower: The ”snow drop” without doubt. Finally signs of Sping all over are garden and everywhere else and it´s gives me the greatest feeling every year.

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monthly list march outfit

Outfit: Even though Spring is getting there I´m still into big and chunky knits a while longer. But soon, very soon, there will be an end to that too…

Pic via. Monthly list March bedroom Bedroom: I just want it simple at the moment. White crispy sheets, fresh air from an open window and not too many distracting details. And a Paris-view added to that wouldn´t be a problem.

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Office: An office with a view. Always preferred comparing to facing a wall in my book. I´m sure most people could come up with great ideas by this desk.

Pic viamonthly list march daydream
Words: I´m slowly dreaming and working on something that is hopefully becoming reality within not too far ahead. Meanwhile I´m telling myself it´s ok to daydream, that is often how the most fun things come to life. Now I just have to pick the brains of some smart friends to make this daydream come through.

Pic via. foodieFood: After having eaten everything but healthy throughout this Spring break all I dream about is a simple and delicious salad.

Pic via. Skärmavbild 2016-03-31 kl. 13.49.47Series: Last month this category was a book but I´ve decided I´ll keep it open and since I unfortunately don´t have time to read as much as I like I still watch a lot of series tucked in bed at night. Hopefully you´ll find something you haven´t seen or we can at least share the love for something here. This time ”Togetherness” on HBO. Described and ”some people have it figured out, these people don´t”. Perfect cast and caption of what life can be like. 

monthly list march sustainable

Sustainable pick: H&M initiates World Recycle Week between 18th-24th of April.  Any textiles in any condition from any brand will be accepted for drop-off for hopefully another ”reclaimed” collection. M.I.A is an ambassador for the project and the official video to highlight it will be released on April 11h.

Via Make It Last with thanks. 

The song ”Egoist” by Kent. Last tour and last album, end of an era. I know I will be there in December for sure. Unfortunately no video available yet, but their good bye message is a piece of art itself directed by my friend Adam Berg. You can see it here.

You can see other monthly inspiration at Husligheter, Johanna Bradford, Krickelin, Seventeen Doors, Brass & Gold & please feel free to add more.

One pic irony

dream right nowSaw this pic on Pinterest and it put a smile on my face…We are up north for a long wanted full week ski holiday with the family but in addition to having dropped a far too heavy lamp on my foot that put a crack into it (!!) I am now also stuck with torticollis (or is it called wryneck or something else? Even had to google it…). Therefor skiing is a bit complicated to say the least…All I want is to be out there to see the kids joy and how they are so quickly getting better by the minute – how is that even possible? So a long and hot bath with something to hold my book since I can hardly move my left arm with a little glas of wine sounds like the perfect medicin. Instead we are going bowling in an hour and knowing myself I won´t be able not to so let´s try that for rehab! 

Thank you

thank you blogthank you blog 2Just wanted to say a big and humble thanks to all the nice things that has been written the past days on the work I did for JM. It really means so much to me as there is a lot of work behind a project like that and of course getting this kind of feedback afterwards is really something special and definitely heartwarming. I really hope I don´t miss anyone but in addition to all nice comments and reposts on Instagram also warm thanks to Husligheter, Trendenser, Ems Designblogg, Daniella Witte, Stil Inspiration, Fixa & Dona , Inredningshjälpen, Creadomi & By Emma for featuring.

Latest work

Styling Anna Mårselius, photo Kristofer Johnsson for JM 1 Styling Anna Mårselius, photo Kristofer Johnsson for JM 2 Styling Anna Mårselius, photo Kristofer Johnsson for JM 3 Styling Anna Mårselius, photo Kristofer Johnsson for JM 4 Styling Anna Mårselius, photo Kristofer Johnsson for JM 5 Styling Anna Mårselius, photo Kristofer Johnsson for JM 6 Styling Anna Mårselius, photo Kristofer Johnsson for JM 7 Styling Anna Mårselius, photo Kristofer Johnsson for JM 8 Styling Anna Mårselius, photo Kristofer Johnsson for JM 9 Styling Anna Mårselius, photo Kristofer Johnsson for JM 10 Styling Anna Mårselius, photo Kristofer Johnsson for JM 11 Styling Anna Mårselius, photo Kristofer Johnsson for JM 12 Styling Anna Mårselius, photo Kristofer Johnsson for JM 13Here are some images from the latest work I did for residential developer JM. It´s been so much fun – especially targeting a slightly older group as these apartments are ment for seniors. Therefore I´ve gone for a very classic hopefully sophisticated style with neutrals as a base and with the hope of creating a calm and inviting place to live in. Once again it´s been a real pleasure working with the JM team, so professional and invested in what they do – everyone from marketing to the actual builders on sight. They have all been of great help and have been interested from beginning to end.

It´s also somewhat more of a challenge to create something where everything is completely new -there are now history in the walls to lean back on but you have to find a way to create a story anyhow. I really hope you like the result. Big thanks to JM, Marie & Magdalena for trusting me with this project and once again a special thanks to the one and only Marie Ramse who I could´t have done it without and who is such a star!  Thanks to Stefan for having the energy to make my ideas come through at site and thanks to Elin for assisting me perfectly as always. And finally, thanks to photographer Kristofer Johnsson for great and fun work together as always! Ha ha that was a lot of thank you´s but just had to express some love to some of the lovely people I work with xx

If you would like to see the mood board for the project you can see it here and for even more pics go to

Let´s bake a cake

cake 1 cake 2 cake 3 cake 4 cake 5 cake 6I don´t know what is up with me at the moment but I just can´t get enough of food blogs and I think about good food and cakes all the time….(and no, I´m not pregnant). Look at this lovely piece and table setting, Our Food Stories have done it again!

All pics via Our Food Stories with thanks. You can view the full recipe of this wonderful cake here

10 x Kids inspo

kids room 1 kids room 2 kids room 3 kids room 4 kids room 5kids room 6 kids room 7kids room 8kids room 9 kids room 10I was a really long time ago I showed some kid´s room interior inspiration so here are a few of my favorites that never get boring.

1-2: styling Emma Persson Lagerberg, photo Petra Bindel. 3: från Hanna Wessman´s previous apartment. 4. via , 5 via , 6 via , 7 photo: Jonas Berg, previous home of stylist Joanna Bagge , 8: via , 9: photo by Frederic Lucano , 10: via.