a memoryAs beautiful as life is, it can be equally cruel sometimes. Especially when it hits someone who is far too young to leave the world behind. And still everything can change from one day to another. I will remember and treasure you always, M – sleep well.

Location hunt


One of the most difficult but also fun things about a photo shoot is searching and finally finding the perfect location. Often you have seen a place many times before in magazines or adds and you don´t want to use the same thing over and over again. And there is of course the money issue where lots of studios tend to be too expensive, especially when doing editorial work meaning hardly no budget at all. But still – it is so much fun looking for that great spot and when finding it the reward is very fulfilling. If you have location (hopefully in or near the Stockholm area) in mind, indoors or outdoors, that you wouldn´t mind sharing with me – I would love to hear about it

Pics via Dusty Deco 

New in


When in L.A, I was invited (thank you!) to Anine Bing´s showroom and I left with such great things. If you like me go for basic clothing in white, black, grey and sometimes the crazy colour brown,  with nice fabrics and details, this is the place to shop. I am so in love with my new leather jacket, it´s the softest thing I´ve ever worn. Highly recommend a visit, you won´t be disappointed.

1: The sweet and so very talented Anine Bing from her blog

2-3: by me, the new love x2. In the background is also my new Y-print, bought in the Lotta Agaton Shop.