The colour

växter 1 växter 2 växter 3 växter 4 växter 5 växter 6I hope you all have had a great Easter weekend! Spring has finally arrived to Sweden for sure and it has been five great days with family, sun, spring flowers in loads and fresh sea air. Ready to start the week and will do that with my mind on this colour. All furniture are now out on the terrace but no flowers are in place yet since we have been away, so that and many other things  are on the agenda for this week.

1-4: via Cazandra , 5: Nathalie Schwer, photo by Line T Klein, 6: Pinterest

More or less

aih_tvätthörna_046klarb aih_tvätthörna_121klarbOnce more two of the same but still very different. This was a job I did for magazine Allt i Hemmet &  the two settings differs more than 30 000 SEK in price. In both my absolute favorite towel at the moment from Craft Collective, the one almost looking like a blanket in the chairs (and no, I do not get paid for saying so).

Ps. The bottom one is the most expensive setting. Ds.

Styling by Anna Mårselius, photo by Kristofer Johnsson