Tamsin´s Table

farmhouse 1 farmhouse 2 farmhouse 3Going back to the city tomorrow after five days in our country house (it´s Fall break in Sweden) and thought this was a great ending to those days featuring this amazing farmhouse & idea. It belongs to Tamsin Carvan and partner Allan Walker and is situated in the Australian countryside on the hills of Gippsland, just outside of Melbourne. The couple host cooking workshops and lunches called Tamsin’s Table using meat from their own farm and  fresh vegetables, herbs, berries and fruit all picked in their garden. In addition most of their furniture are made by Al himself using salvaged and recycled timbers that he sources from local farms, sheds and demolitions. Sounds like the perfect idea.

Read more about Tamsin´s Table here. Via All Is Pretty with thanks

Going outside

outdoors 1 outdoors 2 outdoors 3 outdoors 4 outdoors 5 outdoors 6 outdoors 7Actually we can´t enjoy being outside in Sweden at the moment as it is absolutely freezing and the rain is pouring down. A friend told me today that the temperature now is actually the same as we had on Christmas Day… Anyhow, this will of course come to an end too but before that let´s enjoy these pics dreaming of what will come.

Pics via Skur

Holiday Celebrate

holiday dreaming 1 holiday dreaming 2 holiday dreaming 3 holiday dreaming 4 holiday dreaming 5 holiday dreaming 6 holiday dreaming 7Hope you all have had a great weekend with sun, friends & good food.  I´ve been on my own back home without my family and really enjoyed it to it´s fullest but am so happy to have them back with me now. Even though I´m looking forward to a week filled with work my mind is at the same timen set on holiday dreaming and that will be the focus for today. It is still Sunday after all…and I´m gonna watch this classic meanwhile.

Pics via Barsan with thanks



At home with

PD 1 PD 2 PD 3 PD 4 PD 5 PD 6 PD 7 PD 8 PD 9I really like mixing up Scandinavian inspiration with some much more detailed, color loving and richer style that is often seen in homes outside our minimalistic loving borders. This is the home of Grey´s Anatomy actor Patrick Dempsey and his family in Malibu and even though it is quite far from my daily taste I love how it feels so welcoming, warm and well planned.

Via Architectural Digest, photo: Roger Davies, styling: Carlos Mota