Wedding weekend

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Back from an absolutely amazing wedding in Denmark, Tisvilde. Such a lovely place with a view to die for, if you can you should definitely pay that place a visit. And how great to meet so many new people that made me laugh and cry like an emotional roller coaster. I would show you a pic of the lovely couple but I need to ask for permission first. Thank you C & J for perfect days and an amazing wedding!

Pics by me from my Instagram (annagillar)

Ett Hem

This hotel – Ett Hem - designed by Ilse Crawford is soon to be (May) opened in Stockholm. One of the most luxurious things I know is to spend a night in a hotel in Stockholm, just minutes away from your own home but without the laundry and dishes. The rumours are circulating around this place and I can´t wait to pour some water in that tub while sipping some bubbly. I hope it is going to be everything the promises whispers meanwhile I´m saving some money – think it is almost 4000 SEK/night.

Via Residence & Icon Magazine