LA Life

Touch down LA for Christmas and New Years. It´s always a bit strange finding Christmas spirit among palm trees and summer views but getting these rays of sun and just being able to spend time with family and friends is gold. I´ll up date the blog here and there too, but you are also welcome to join me on Instagram for daily views. Hope you all are having (or at least soon) a nice holiday xx

Instagram pictures by me, 1st from our first night staying at the Mondrian hotel before getting access to the house and the 3rd one with my daughter on a morning walk on the beach. 2nd borrowed from Pinterest, source unknown. 

Hotel Henriette

henri överst henri 1 henri 2 henri 3 henri 4 henri 5 henri 6 henri 7 henri 8 henri 9 henri 10 henri 11As we are leaving for Paris tomorrow I´m constantly asking people to share what to see, where to eat and what to do (it was 17 years ago I lived there so my list is a little bit out of date so to speak). Yesterday an Art Director (thanks Hanna!) I worked with showed me this place, Hotel Henriette,  and I fell hard for all the fun and daring interior details. Like a carnival under one roof. Here are some of the rooms and if you would like to see even more check here. And it´s not at all expensive. I actually posted a picture on Instagram the other day of a yellow room I really liked, not knowing then that it is actually one of the rooms of Hotel Henriette. I guess I was meant to find this place at this point…

Studio Ilse, Ikea & Ett Hem

Ikea ilse 1 ikea ilse 2 ikea ilse 3 ikea ilse 4I´ve featured Ilse Crawford and the work of her team Studio Ilse before, but the love I feel for what they do has no limits. Yesterday I was invited to a sneak peek of Studio Ilse´s product line ”Sinnerlig Collection” in collaboration with Ikea that will be launched in sometime in August. You might already have seen my absolute favorite – the Daybed – on Instagram but there was absolutely nothing that I did not want to bring with me home. The glass Bottles, the Pendant lamp, the Jug, the Table lamp, the Rug, the Woven basket, the Trestle table….I could go on for all products. Many of which are made in cork and all with the feeling of Ilse´s always warm and welcoming touch with attention to detail and something more than just being a product. The whole thing was presented at hotel Ett Hem (also designed by Studio Ilse) that I have wanted to visit for so long. I´ve heard so much about it and it is for sure even better in real life, I didn´t want leave….ever…

For more pics of Ett Hem I´ve shown it here before. Press pics from yesterday´s sneak peek via Lotta Agaton with thanks.