Hotel desire

axel 2 axel 1 axel 3 axel 4 axel 5 axel 6 axel 7 axel 8 axel 9Back from three amazing weeks in France (I won´t post more on that right now as you probably might feel overdozed if you follow me on Instagram). While being there I went through an abnormal amount of interior magazines and one thing that caught my eye in Vanity Fair was this amazing penthouse suite of the Greenwich Hotel (owned by Robert De Niro amongst others), designed by Belgian Axel Vervoordt. So inspired by the colors & materials that he uses and would love to stay there sometime even though I´m pretty sure my economy won´t allow it….but one can always dream.

Photo: David Prince

Wedding weekend

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Back from an absolutely amazing wedding in Denmark, Tisvilde. Such a lovely place with a view to die for, if you can you should definitely pay that place a visit. And how great to meet so many new people that made me laugh and cry like an emotional roller coaster. I would show you a pic of the lovely couple but I need to ask for permission first. Thank you C & J for perfect days and an amazing wedding!

Pics by me from my Instagram (annagillar)

Ett Hem

This hotel – Ett Hem – designed by Ilse Crawford is soon to be (May) opened in Stockholm. One of the most luxurious things I know is to spend a night in a hotel in Stockholm, just minutes away from your own home but without the laundry and dishes. The rumours are circulating around this place and I can´t wait to pour some water in that tub while sipping some bubbly. I hope it is going to be everything the promises whispers meanwhile I´m saving some money – think it is almost 4000 SEK/night.

Via Residence & Icon Magazine