Great minds think apart

Vagn 1 serveringsvagn 2 serveringsvagn 3Ok – maybe the wish list days should be over for now but as it´s my birthday in a month I can´t help wanting one more thing…You see, my husband does not at all share my interest for interior decoration and for every change I want to make in our house it begins with a long time of persuasion and negotiation and to be honest I often loose since the budget is not always what one wishes for. That´s ok though, it´s a good thing not buying to much stuff when that is not what you really need and when you can put money on more important things. However that said and admitting that I´m a sucker for beautiful (and often unfortunately not life saving) objects and if I where to wish for one more thing it would be a trolley (preferably in black metal with marble shelves) in a corner of our kitchen. So that is my wish and hold on for it – here is what my husband wants in that same corner – ta da – a synthesizer! As much as I Iove the idea of music in our house I have to say that the 7 guitars, the two other electric pianos, trumpets, drums and some other stuff are probably enough. One has to love the differences and challenges in lift, right? Let the negotiations begin…

1-2: Daniella Witte, 3: Hanna Wessman/Hanna´s Room

More work; Kids in the house

nk kök 1 nk kök 2 nk kök 3 nk kök 4 nk kök 5 nk kök 6 nk kök 7 nk kök 8 nk kök 9 nk kök 10 nk kök 11 nk kök 12Some more sneak peeks from the work I did for NK Stil - this time on the theme ”kids in the house”.  Living with kids often adds an extra dimension of struggling between design, materials, color combinations and the fact that there is always toys all over the place. This was an attempt to making a nice combination of all of the mentioned. Since the idea was to make it look like a spring or summer day and we shot this when it was a crazy snow storm outside, I must say Karl did a pretty amazing job with the light.

All products used can be found in the magazine and in NK Stores.

Styling by me, foto Karl Andersson & again help from Lina Törneman