Today´s imaginary office

today officeI´m on the hunt for a new office. Liked my old one very much, especially since I had the best roomies Maria & Johanna, but it was too far away and did not really fill all of my needs for space of props. So now I´m looking around and while working from home I´m getting more certain by the day that it is crucial to find something soon. Especially on a Friday because there is nothing like having had a manic week like this one and on Friday night getting back home to family and a good dinner. When I find something I hope to be able to put the desk looking out the room. I´ve never been a looking at the wall person but as that is often the easiest (and sometimes only) way to decorate, that is the most common solution. Fingers crossed I´ll find something soon.


Triumf 1 triumf 2 triumf 3I did a very fun job a couple a weeks ago. Thanks to IKEA Livet Hemma I got the chance to  work in this amazing space at home with podcast masters Kristoffer (Värvet) & Malin Triumf (Den blå hästen). Oh how I would love to have a work space like this. Malin & Kristoffer told me their needs and this is what came out of it (more pictures to come in November on IKEA Livet Hemma).

Styling by me, photo by Patric Johansson. Big thanks for assist from the greatest Johanna Swanberg.