For sale

solsidan 1 solsidan 3solsidan 2 solsidan 4 solsidan 5 solsidan 6 solsidan 7 solsidan 9 solsidan 10This house….what an amazing place and interior. Very minimalistic and with impeccable taste. Probably styled before going on the market. It also has the bed linen of my dreams in the perfect shade of green from Society and the perfect Sofa, Tiki from Fogia.

With thanks spotted via Seventeen Doors and STIL Inspiration. For sale via Wrede


Latest work

JM 1 JM 2 JM 3 JM 4 JM 5 JM 6 JM 7 JM 8 JM 9 JM 10 JM 11This is one projects that I´ve been working on the past months – decorating an apartment for JM (one of Scandinavia´s biggest developers of housing and residential areas). The apartment had already been decorated once so the assignment was to give it a new costume of colors and furniture. You can see some pics of what it looked like before here. It was such a fun project and I am so thankful for all the help and support from the amazing Marie Ramse and the rest of the team. Also big thanks to photographer Ragnar Ómarsson for a great day in November trying to chase what is left of the daylight nowadays. If you would like to see the planning process you can view the mood board here.  I hope you like the result xx

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