For the love of books

elfa 1 elfa 2 elfa 3

I´m currently working on five very fun interior projects and most of the clients are interested in finding a nice solution for their books. Bookshelves are not only for the books themselves but could be a display of all sorts of beautiful things. I´m always very inspired by these pics who keep coming back on my mood boards. The result with probably breathe that kind of air.

1. from a previously sold apartment in Stockholm, 2. styling by Lotta Agaton (from her own home. Nobody styles a bookshelf as perfect as Lotta, pic no 3 has her name on it too), photo Pia Ulin, 3. foto: Kristofer Johnsson, from the home of Therese Sennerholt who is soon releasing a new collection 

Today´s imaginary office

today officeI´m on the hunt for a new office. Liked my old one very much, especially since I had the best roomies Maria & Johanna, but it was too far away and did not really fill all of my needs for space of props. So now I´m looking around and while working from home I´m getting more certain by the day that it is crucial to find something soon. Especially on a Friday because there is nothing like having had a manic week like this one and on Friday night getting back home to family and a good dinner. When I find something I hope to be able to put the desk looking out the room. I´ve never been a looking at the wall person but as that is often the easiest (and sometimes only) way to decorate, that is the most common solution. Fingers crossed I´ll find something soon.