March: On my mind

Can´t believe how quickly this month has passed by…Only made it through half of my to do -list, both at home at at work. Hopefully April will bring more of  Spring warmth and feelings. But before that, let´s go with the monthly list for March:

travel marchTravel: This month I was asked by my husband to block a weekend in April as he has planned a surprise trip. I´m probably one of the most curios people in the world so I´m trying to get him to reveal where we are going but he is super stubborn about it being a surprise so I will have to wait patiently. In the meantime me and my sister booked a trip for our mother and us as she just turned 70, so Mallorca – see you in September!

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shoes marchShoes: Not only do I long for warmer days with lots of fresh fruit but apparently I have the need for dito on my feet too. These cuties are new in my wardrobe (that I have finally cleaned out and organized, wihooo!!)

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flower marchFlower: My allergy is on a high at the moment so I´ll take that as proof Spring and more colours in nature are to come. Finally! Our magnolia tree just had one or two flowers when we moved in ten years ago but now it´s happily exploding every Spring and I can´t wait to see how many flowers this year will bring.

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outfit marchOutfit: Not only do I crave that bike but that outfit looks just perfect to start of Spring with too.

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bedroom marchBedroom: Wouldn’t mind to meet April in a bedroom like this with open windows and no fuzz.

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office marchOffice: That floor, big windows, Essay table by Cecilie Manz and Series 7 chair by Arne Jacobsen from Fritz Hansen – yes please.

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words marchWords: Simple beauty.

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food marchFood: How lovely do these look? Found these amazing coconut acai bowls over at  Design Love Fest. Wish all meals could look this pretty.

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series marchSeries: No surprise that just the scenery of this serie keeps me hooked but the cast and plot is so good too. Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern and Swedish Alexander Skarsgård who is actually doing a really great job here. If you haven´t already seen it, perfect for this weekend!

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TheSustainableSociety-loggaSustainable pick: My friend Maria Soxbo of interior blog Husligheter has always a million exciting projects going on and this one is no exception. Today she together with 11 other bloggers are launching initiative ”The Sustainable Society”. Together these blogs will pick one subject per month to write about within the subject of sustainability. Love it!! Really looking forward to follow, learn more and see different angles of the same theme.

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bloodjungle-39515156--1024x1024Music: Track ”Hands” & ”Air is free” have been recurring tunes in my head since the release in February. This weekend I´ll give the whole album a good listen to see if it all has the same effect.

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In my dreams

Dirand 1 dirand 2 dirand 3 dirand 4 dirand 5 jd 6 jd 7 jd 8The obsession for French architect & interior designer Joseph Dirand continues with this amazing apartment at Avenue Montaigne in Paris. The owner told Dirand ”I want you to achieve your dream; that would be my dream”. I can´t think of a better person to give that interior trust to. Absolutely stunning result as always. You can see more of Joseph Dirands work here, here, here & here.

Photo by Martin Morrell. Via NY Times with thanks. 


February: On my mind

As many times before I didn´t have time to finish the list for current month before the next one starts but since I´ve had this as a draft for two weeks now I´m still going to call it the list for February instead of March. Here we go:

tokyoTravel: I´ve always wanted to go to Tokyo but still that dream hasn´t come  through. My sister and her husband took a weekend trip there some time ago and I don´t know why I forget that it is actually quite easily done. Something to dream about for the future.

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shoes febShoes: How pretty are these green beauties? Would so love to welcome Spring in the perfect emerald green. This kind of shoe seems to be on several minds at the moment, see other versions here and here.

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flower febFlower: Just as I thought our lemon tree had given up completely and had bought a new one, the old one showed me it was too soon to give up on it. I apologize old friend, I will pay close attention and treat you with the care you deserve from now on. Hopefully we will have some more rounds together.

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outfit febOutfit: Not too exciting but still on the hunt for the perfect jeans and I so want to find a pair of 501 in my size with a light washing. A perfect way to say ”hello Spring”.

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Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 08.56.35Outdoor space: I´m so ready to go to the summer house, take the first dip of the year in the ocean, a hot sauna, let the shoulders down and breathe some fresh air but that will unfortunately have to wait a bit longer.

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office feb
I really like this home office with it´s color additions and design classics. It´s actually the home of Kourtney Kardashian, featured in Architectural Digest decorated by interior designer Martyn Laurence Bullard.

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Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 09.19.25Words: It´s been three crazy weeks and it doesn´t seem like there is a break coming anytime soon. Super grateful for having lots of work of course but I also need to remind myself not to stress too much but to stay focused on the task without a racing heart and a non-sleeping mind. I need to stay calm to be productive at least to enjoy it properly. I don´t like to rush through things without staying in the moment so these words will be my continuous mantra.

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food febFood: When being out on production starting super early and ending late at night, the way of eating tends to suffer a bit. You don´t eat enough and when you finally get the chance to do so you are so excited to see food so anything goes instead of eating smart and healthy. At least that´s the case for me. I only have prep work and no photo shoots this week so hopefully that will result in better choices and more clean eating. Would´t mind trying this Kale detox salad with Pesto to start with. See the full recipe here. 

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JRvol couv03'.inddBook: In the current issue of Styleby magazine founder Elin Kling has this book of French interior designer Jean Royère on her list and I´m hoping that it will be in my home soon as well. If you are not familiar with his work you can see some here. I ran past a pair of his  Oeuf chair in white faux fur wool in perfect condition the other day and my daughter was eager to have one for her room….great but expensive taste in that 7-year old!

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sus febSustainable pick: This months choice is Ikea´s new matte, anthracite grey kitchen ”Kungsbacka” designed by design studio Form Us With Love. The first kitchen fronts line, entirely made from recycled plastic bottles and reclaimed industrial wood, hurray! Read more about the project here. 

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My Song LP sleeve.inddMusic: Listening to Sophie Zelmani brings back a lot of memories as that was one of the most played albums (Precious Burden) in my loft while living in Paris back in 97-98 (such a long time ago, gah!!).  Her new one was released March 3rd and this week will definitely have ”My Song” and the other tracks as soundtrack. Fingers crossed it fulfills what I´m hoping for.

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Latest work

styling Anna Mårselius 14

styling Anna Mårselius 8styling Anna Mårselius 9styling Anna Mårselius 11

styling Anna Mårselius 7styling Anna Mårselius 13styling Anna Mårselius 2styling Anna Mårselius 6styling Anna Mårselius 12styling Anna Mårselius 4One of the most fun jobs of 2016, at home with Fashion Director of Café Magazine, Daniel Lindström. We actually had to postpone the job with weeks as we where shooting the terrace and the weather was far from what we had hoped. That´s what happens sometimes in this job but it always works out in the end anyway. Thanks so much for having us, Daniel! It was such a pleasure. 

Styling by me, photo by Erik Lefvander and assist by Silje Wållgren. Published in Residence Magazine. 

Premium living

premium 1 premium 2 premium 3 premium 4 premium 5premium 7 premium 8What a difference it makes when having the possibility to decorate a whole concept with all materials for kitchen, bathrooms, floors and colour scheme instead of starting with something someone else has decided for you. Super talented interior decorator Marie Ramse, who I also work with when working for JM, has really made this apartment into something special. In addition to the interior decoration itself, just have a look at the floors, stones & the elegant choice of colours and details. And that office is just perfect.

You can read more about this JM project and see the rest of the pictures here. Photo by Emily Laye.