Some days off

france 1 france 2 france 3As life has been a bit challenging with too much sad things happening lately, we have decided to take a little time out and go to see friends in France to get some new energy. Can´t wait to feel the sun on my face looking over the valley. If you can at all say that there is some beauty in the sadness of life, it would be that you really appreciate all you have in life so much more. Take care everyone xx

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Have a great weekend!

le weekend 1 le weekend 2 le weekend 3After a crazy busy ending to the week I´m cutting it short and am checking out for a weekend by the sea with family and friends. When we booked this trip I didn´t think about the fact that it is just one week before Christmas with lots and lots to do, but now I can´t think of a better way of dealing with it than through this little escape. There will be time for rush again next week. Have a good weekend everyone! (instagram: annagillar)

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Wedding weekend

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Back from an absolutely amazing wedding in Denmark, Tisvilde. Such a lovely place with a view to die for, if you can you should definitely pay that place a visit. And how great to meet so many new people that made me laugh and cry like an emotional roller coaster. I would show you a pic of the lovely couple but I need to ask for permission first. Thank you C & J for perfect days and an amazing wedding!

Pics by me from my Instagram (annagillar)