cravings 1 cravings 2 Skärmavbild 2015-11-09 kl. 09.21.181-2: I´m currently buying carpets for different projects as if it was chewing gum although the budgets are not quite covering this dream. Knot Collection – a new craving, carpets by Louise Liljencrantz Sivers and Fredrik Nygren of Knuts Mattor. Haven´t seen more than this yet but the combination of these two can only bring good things. You can buy them here. 3: I was mesmerized when seeing this pic at the Instagram account of @gittechristensen . Really want to see (and touch!!) the exhibition of Tzuri Gueta at the Designer Zoo in Copenhagen. 

Knot Collection via Residence. Pictures by Erik Lefvander.  

Longing for LA

LA 1 LA 2 LA 3 LA 4 LA 5 LA 6LA överstThese pics by amazing photographer Pia Ulin made me want to go back to LA immediately . One of the things I love the most about that city is walking around (yes I know, walking is not very easy there but there are areas like Los Feliz, Santa Monica, Silverlake etc where you can actually walk and not always go by car) looking at houses and all different kinds of architecture, materials, colours and solutions that you so rarely see back home. Most houses have their specific magic and personality to it and I just love that. Looking at the wood in these pictures, the two last pics might not be part of the same house -but how magical would it be if the room with all the windows was the room facing a hidden backyard?

All pics by Pia Ulin.

Sweater weather

Just got such a good feeling from these pics found via Elements of Style so had to borrow them straight off. Many thanks for the inspiration, need to go get a chunky sweater on right now!

For the kids

kids 1 kids 2 kids 3It was a really long time ago I put something out for the kids here and that´s a shame because I really enjoy that category and often get questions on the topic. First of all I don´t want you to miss out on a childhood friend of mine – Katrin Bento Connault – who has a webshop based in Paris called Dino Deluxe. It´s just lovely and I wish I could buy all of the cute clothes for my kids. You can find the webshop here and the Insta account

Also I just saw these cute beds for the kids and yes – they are indeed expensive – but still so very nice at minimum to be inspired by. Sold via Artilleriet. 

After rain comes sunshine

Inspired byWhat a crappy ending to yesterday – one dropped iPad on the floor, bye bye to that one & then somehow my blog crashed so that all the latest additions disappeared. Will see if they can be found somewhere but probably not….This pic caught my eye this morning and made me happy again. Want those blue heels! They can probably make any outfit a winner.

Via Emma Elwin with thanks

In love with

Linum 1 Linum 2 Linum 3 Linum 4 Linum 5So in love with the Fall campaign from Linum that currently seems to be taking all bloggers with storm. The location (think it is somewhere in Barcelona), the colors, structures and patterns. The carpets are just amazing. And the styling so spot on what makes my heart tick. I think it is the team behind the store Dusty Deco that have styled it, well done!