The coat rack bench

frontUnfortunately there will be no Milan for me but the reports are flying in and I´m really looking forward to seeing all the news. One love already found is the Coat Rack Bench for Gebreuder Thonet Vienna, designed by talented trio Front. As I´m crazy about benches of all sorts and especially ones in bent wood style – this is definitely something to put on the wishlist. The question is now, what will the price tag say?

The Bow Sofa

bild-106The Bow Chair by Lisa Hilland for Gemla was one of last year´s favorites at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair so I was not at all disappointed when seeing another family member in the bentwood Bow Sofa presented this year. I absolutely love it (please ignore the yellow tone of my instagram & see ash and organically tanned leather with bronze detailing). What do you think, do you like it?

Pic from my Instagram 

Great minds think apart

Vagn 1 serveringsvagn 2 serveringsvagn 3Ok – maybe the wish list days should be over for now but as it´s my birthday in a month I can´t help wanting one more thing…You see, my husband does not at all share my interest for interior decoration and for every change I want to make in our house it begins with a long time of persuasion and negotiation and to be honest I often loose since the budget is not always what one wishes for. That´s ok though, it´s a good thing not buying to much stuff when that is not what you really need and when you can put money on more important things. However that said and admitting that I´m a sucker for beautiful (and often unfortunately not life saving) objects and if I where to wish for one more thing it would be a trolley (preferably in black metal with marble shelves) in a corner of our kitchen. So that is my wish and hold on for it – here is what my husband wants in that same corner – ta da – a synthesizer! As much as I Iove the idea of music in our house I have to say that the 7 guitars, the two other electric pianos, trumpets, drums and some other stuff are probably enough. One has to love the differences and challenges in lift, right? Let the negotiations begin…

1-2: Daniella Witte, 3: Hanna Wessman/Hanna´s Room

Wishlist on a budget

Christmas by Anna MårseliusIn my family we have decided to have a Christmas gift max limit of 150 SEK for the adults. We don´t really think it makes any sense giving each other expensive gifts but are still too childish not give anything at all so the compromise is to buy something under this amount. It is not always easy to find something that is not just junk but if you think about it there is a lot of very nice things to find. Here are some ideas if you are having the same kind of tradition or just want to add a little budget to the giftlist.

1: Diamond made of marble or cement, 45 SEK from Bloomingville/Olsson & Gerthel. 2: Alfa Lavastone, 149 SEK, Made A Mano/Artilleriet, 3: Notepad ”Faux” Marble, 79 SEK from Playtype/Artilleriet, 4: Towel, 149 SEK, H&M, 5: Hand cream, 99 SEK, Granit, 6: Hourglass, 129 SEK, House Doctor, 7: Kaleido tray by Clara von Zweigbergk for Hay, 119 kr, Rädda Barnen Webshop where 58 SEK goes directly to their charity work, 8: Stripes Washing Basket, 135 SEK, House Doctor, 9: Small houses, 85 SEK from Bloomingville/Olsson & Gerthel, 10: Porcelain vase, 135 SEK from Bloomingville/Olsson & Gerthel. 



Skärmavbild 2013-11-21 kl. 16.07.45Since Christmas is getting closer and closer I thought I´d add a some stuff to the category ”Wishlist”. I normally don´t feature specific products here but all wishes are my own and no one has payed for being part of it. Hopefully you will get some ideas and inspiration from this too.

You can find the bag here. I think it´s so cute. Maybe corny with the initials on it, but I´m ok with that as long as I get those silver stars.