Next project for JM


I made this as my Fall mood for 2015 and I´m so excited to be able to put it into reality in one of my current projects with residential developer JM. The last job was all about green, blue and darker colors (you can see it here) so this will be completely different. If you are interested in seeing the full mood board you can check it out here.

Latest work

JM 1 JM 2 JM 3 JM 4 JM 5 JM 6 JM 7 JM 8 JM 9 JM 10 JM 11This is one projects that I´ve been working on the past months – decorating an apartment for JM (one of Scandinavia´s biggest developers of housing and residential areas). The apartment had already been decorated once so the assignment was to give it a new costume of colors and furniture. You can see some pics of what it looked like before here. It was such a fun project and I am so thankful for all the help and support from the amazing Marie Ramse and the rest of the team. Also big thanks to photographer Ragnar Ómarsson for a great day in November trying to chase what is left of the daylight nowadays. If you would like to see the planning process you can view the mood board here.  I hope you like the result xx

More information on Hitta Hem. 


Mood board office by Anna MårseliusOne of the projects I´m working on at the moment is decorating viewing apartments for major developer JM. It´s really fun and especially to get to work with one of my former Beckmans class mates, Marie Ramse who is doing this full time and is really amazing at it. The pictures above are part of the mood board that I made for the first apartment where I´m supposed to get a new look on an already exciting one. We are shooting it next week and I think it will be out before Christmas. The next project is decorating an apartment completely from scratch and I´ve got so many ideas for that already and am really excited to get going on that too. But first, this one!

You can see the full mood board here

Latest work

Sustainable bathroom still life by Anna MårseliusOne of the most fun and actually in a way challenging jobs I´ve ever done is for Make It Last creating several still lives with a sustainable objective. You would probably be surprised to hear how many producers and shops that have no sustainable thinking at all…I really think and hope that all of that is about to change, but still the interior world has got a lot to learn from the fashion industry on the topic.

This still life was released yesterday & if you would like to see what has been previously done you can see that here and here. All product details on and photo by the brilliant Pauline Suzor.

Autumn mood

Autumn mood 2015 by Anna Mårselius


Last year my Autumn mood was darker with blue and dark grey tones. This year I´m longing for beige, brown, different shades of white, chunky knits, sandy touches and rough structures combined with the clean and simple. That´s interior life, always changing and often back to basics after a while of experimenting.

You can see last year´s Autumn mood here (one of them, made many….). All pics for this year´s mood borrowed from the lovely The Gifts of Life with thanks.