Thank you!

thank youJust a quick note to say thank you to all the lovely people who have sent their interest in working with me. I´m honestly overwhelmed by the response and kind words from all parts of the world, so amazing to have readers who are even thinking about moving to Sweden because of this. I have not by far had the chance to go through it all but I will and will of course answer all of you. I just have to remind you that it is not at all a full-time position. I would love to have someone with me at all times but that will have to be a future dream. It is unfortunately too expensive to hire someone at the moment, and even though I feel like I work all the time and have to say no to things that I would love to do if there was more time – the money is still hardly enough to keep me going…So – it is only for hours or days here and there, therefor you would probably and even definitely need another job apart from this. Once again – thank you from the bottom of my heart! I will reply to you soon. Ax

Pic via La Petite Magazine

Help needed

help wantedI work with some really good people assisting me on and around photo shoots but I´m currently in need of finding an additional person to help out. Are you a freelancing styling assistant or want to become one, please send me an email with a few words about yourself and a CV. It is not a full time position, it could be hours here or days there. Most of my jobs are in the Stockholm area so it will definitely help if you are nearby. You need to be handy, organized, solution oriented & always up for a new challenge as you never know what is coming next in this job. Most importantly – it should be fun going to work so hopefully you are a very positive one too. Looking forward to hearing from you! Anna

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