For sale

solsidan 1 solsidan 3solsidan 2 solsidan 4 solsidan 5 solsidan 6 solsidan 7 solsidan 9 solsidan 10This house….what an amazing place and interior. Very minimalistic and with impeccable taste. Probably styled before going on the market. It also has the bed linen of my dreams in the perfect shade of green from Society and the perfect Sofa, Tiki from Fogia.

With thanks spotted via Seventeen Doors and STIL Inspiration. For sale via Wrede


Pink addition

Added pink 1 added pink 2 added pink 3 added pink 4 added pink 6Pink seems to be everywhere at the moment and to my surprise I like it more and more for every year. Still haven´t got one single detail in this color at home yet though….flowers not included. A nice collection on the theme by French by Design from where I´ve borrowed some pics.

All pics via French by Design with thanks. Sources 1, 2, 3, 4, 5