For the young ones

Kids 1 Kids 2I´ve noticed that one thing you seem to fancy a lot (and that I will try to get better at showing more of) is kid´s rooms. I really enjoy that too but sometimes it is hard to find inspirational features that are not too cute or so stylish it almost becomes silly. The amazing Milk Magazine is great for inspiration and just in case you haven´t discovered Designmom yet, there is some good stuff there as well (the two pics from there). Go check it out if you like or visit my Pinterest album on the same topic.

Inspired by

via Cherry 1 via Cherry 2 via Cherry 3It´s often hard (unfortunately) to stay completely up dated on what all the fellow bloggers are up to but this morning I had some time to look around. One page that never is disappointing is the Norwegian Cherry Blossom Blog. I really like the tone of it and often feel inspired when reading it. The pics are some borrows that made a nice mood for today to the tunes of this song also discovered by the very same. Thanks for inspiration, Cherry Blossom!

Pics & tune via Cherry Blossom Blog. 1: styling by Ewa Lilja Löwenhielm for Fantastic Frank, 2: via Cherry Blossom & RawDesign Blog, 3: the home of Elin Kicken

Thank you Decor8!


I was so happy to see a post that was written by Holly Becker of the so very lovely Decor8 blog the other day. The post was about what makes a blog interesting and what is inspiring. And what really made me blush was the fact that Holly took my blog as an example of that, written with such a nice tone and words. Thank you so much for that, really appreciate every single word & I can only say all the best things of your world too. And I really hope we get to share that cup of tea someday. xx