Wishlist on a budget

Christmas by Anna MårseliusIn my family we have decided to have a Christmas gift max limit of 150 SEK for the adults. We don´t really think it makes any sense giving each other expensive gifts but are still too childish not give anything at all so the compromise is to buy something under this amount. It is not always easy to find something that is not just junk but if you think about it there is a lot of very nice things to find. Here are some ideas if you are having the same kind of tradition or just want to add a little budget to the giftlist.

1: Diamond made of marble or cement, 45 SEK from Bloomingville/Olsson & Gerthel. 2: Alfa Lavastone, 149 SEK, Made A Mano/Artilleriet, 3: Notepad ”Faux” Marble, 79 SEK from Playtype/Artilleriet, 4: Towel, 149 SEK, H&M, 5: Hand cream, 99 SEK, Granit, 6: Hourglass, 129 SEK, House Doctor, 7: Kaleido tray by Clara von Zweigbergk for Hay, 119 kr, Rädda Barnen Webshop where 58 SEK goes directly to their charity work, 8: Stripes Washing Basket, 135 SEK, House Doctor, 9: Small houses, 85 SEK from Bloomingville/Olsson & Gerthel, 10: Porcelain vase, 135 SEK from Bloomingville/Olsson & Gerthel. 


Happy New Year!

nyår 1nyår 2nyår 3Dearest readers! This day and all days of the year I am so very grateful to have you as companions and followers. The only difference is that the magic change of 2012 going 2013 reminds me of actually saying something about it. This is where I collect, organize and often just throw out what inspires and captures my eye. If that in just a brief moment inspires you too that is enough to keep me going for another year and so I really hope it does.

A lot has happened since last year. My dream of changing profession has with lots and lots of hard work and many no´s turned into opportunities and positive surprises, I´ve moved into an office with two lovely ladies and feel inspired (almost) every day, I get to work a with people I admire and respect, and the things that are not done is not because there is nothing to show but a result of the lack of time to expose it. Major improvement.

I have two amazing kids and a fantastic husband who, without getting too unique, are the biggest and most important part of my life. And I have a family, friends and scenery that I thank whoever is in charge every day for. But don´t get me wrong – of course my life like everyone else´s also has it´s share of people I love being ill, days that are heave like there was no return, unfairness, frustration and the general feeling of just being too tired. But this is not what this blog is about. Maybe that sometimes turns out too impersonal but for me there is a lot of me in the blog anyhow. Every post says something and I really hope you like and enjoy it as much as I do when creating it.

Thank you all for being a part of what I love and staying with me for all this time. Wishing you the very best of 2013!

Anna xx

December frenzy

Skärmavbild 2012-12-17 kl. 22.13.51Skärmavbild 2012-12-13 kl. 13.01.42Skärmavbild 2012-12-17 kl. 22.14.30julstress 4I agree with Pella, things are always a bit too crazy in December & all you want to do is to finalize everything and get into holiday mood. But with loads and loads of work to be done before Friday, no gifts even bought far less wrapped and a house that is up side down – all I´m hoping for is a bit more time. I don´t even have enough to go to the office and respond to friends calls and emails = being a bad friend and colleague. But I´m guessing we are all in the same boat so let´s give this week a last kick in the but before checking out for in a very near and attractive future.

Pics via Anine Bing 1-3, 4: Pella Hedeby via Elv´s

A Golden New Year Year to you!

Thank you so much everyone for following Anna Gillar, it really means a lot and make even the less inspired days worthwhile. I´ve really enjoyed this year with lots of exciting challenges trying to make my way into a new career of interior styling and decoration. It has just been the beginning of what hopefully can turn out to be an even more creative & exciting 2012. Thank you for support & comments throuhgout the year, you are the best! Hope you will join me for another 365. Wish you all a Happy New Year!

Anna xx

Pics via This is Glamorous

Post Christmas

Hope you all have had a great Christmas! This is us right now, going around Sweden receiving and giving gifts, eating and drinking, being lazy and running around with the kids, lots of fun and lots of love. Tomorrow 24 hours of Copenhagen visit for a friends birthday. See you soon C & J! And for the rest of you, see you soon here! Take care xx

Pic via French by Design