Color coded

cc 1 cc 2 cc 3 cc 4 cc 5 cc 6 cc 7 cc 9One of the things spotted yesterday visiting Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair was the increasing use of color and especially color coding and different shades of the same color. The boldest example of that was from Hay (& Gulled) using different colors on all walls throughout  their space. Unfortunately I don´t have any good pics from the fair to show you an example but just stumbled across this apartment that shows the same idea really well. Not sure I would have the courage to go all in at home but it´s very interesting to look at and gives you new ideas. Läs mer

Pink addition

Added pink 1 added pink 2 added pink 3 added pink 4 added pink 6Pink seems to be everywhere at the moment and to my surprise I like it more and more for every year. Still haven´t got one single detail in this color at home yet though….flowers not included. A nice collection on the theme by French by Design from where I´ve borrowed some pics.

All pics via French by Design with thanks. Sources 1, 2, 3, 4, 5