April: On my mind

Once again time for the monthly list, here we go!

travel april 2

Travel: Just a few weekends away from going on a weekend trip to Berlin. My husband is running the Big 25 and I will happily be cheering from a restaurant table next to the course with a glass of wine. I´ve been in Berlin once before but was a bit unlucky with the weather as it was freezing cold and very windy so this time around I´m hoping for Spring feelings and new findings. Have any Berlin favorites? Would love to hear about it in the comments. I definitely want to visit this rooftop bar as I´ve never seen Berlin from above before.

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shoes april

Shoes: Since the weekend trip for sure will offer some restaurant visits I´m looking forward to leaving my sneakers for a while and step into some proper heels. Something like this would do it.

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Blommor april

Flower: This is exactly what I´m looking forward to at the moment. Just enjoying Spring and all the flowers and greens that comes with it.

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fashion april 2

Outfit: The perfect sand colored coat and a pair of white pants like these ones are on the wishlist. I haven´t worn white pants in years even though I love it on others. Hopefully this year will be the return of this piece of classic look even for me.

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april sovrum

Bedroom: Not that far from last month´s bedroom but this is still what I want. Open doors or windows with fresh air, lots of light and no fuzz.

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office april

Office: I´m just finishing decorating our new home office and one of the things (in addition to finally having two desks facing each other, so cosy!!) I´m really happy about is that we picked a rug soft and high piled like this one to warm bare feet.

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words april

Words: Trying to remind myself that all bumps on the road are to learn from no matter how tough they might be when you are in that moment. Not always easy but still true.

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food april 2

Food: Well ok….more like drinks. It´s time for rosé and pink bubbles and I´m for sure happy to join. This weekend we will be celebrating Valborg in Sweden and putting the religious old reason for celebrating this day aside – now days it´s more about celebrating Spring and welcoming the light by putting on this massive fire. Out with the old, in with the new kind of thing. I´ll be with friends and family hopefully with lots of sun, good food and pink drinks on the terrace.

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Book: Found this book through Editor in Chief of Residence Magazine, Hanna Nova Beatrice, and it´s now high up on the wishlist.

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susan hoff

Sustainable pick: Have been looking for a big beach bag that can fit all the things you want to bring to the beach. Inspired by Susan Hoff making these ones with sustainability in mind using retired sails and vintage horse tacks.

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music april

Music: Like classical music? Or even if you don’t, do not miss Icelandic super talent Ólafur Arnalds. A modern version of classical with lots of emotion and so beautiful it gives me goosebumps every single time. Start by listening to his most popular songs on Spotify and work you way down.

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Studio KO

Villa DL KO 1 KO 2 KO 3 KO 4 KO 5 KO 6 KO 7Villa BJKO 8 KO 9 KO 10 KO 11 KO 12Villa EKO 13 KO 14 KO 15 KO 16 KO 17 KO 18Starting the weekend with these beauties by amazing Studio KO. Love the tranquility, colors and ambiance.

All pics via Studio KO with thanks. 1-7 from Villa DL, Essaouira, Maroc, 8-12: from Villa BJ, Saint Briac, France, 13-18: Villa E, Ourika, Maroc. All photos: Dan Glasser. 

Latest work

Styling Anna Mårselius, photo Kristofer Johnsson for JM 1 Styling Anna Mårselius, photo Kristofer Johnsson for JM 2 Styling Anna Mårselius, photo Kristofer Johnsson for JM 3 Styling Anna Mårselius, photo Kristofer Johnsson for JM 4 Styling Anna Mårselius, photo Kristofer Johnsson for JM 5 Styling Anna Mårselius, photo Kristofer Johnsson for JM 6 Styling Anna Mårselius, photo Kristofer Johnsson for JM 7 Styling Anna Mårselius, photo Kristofer Johnsson for JM 8 Styling Anna Mårselius, photo Kristofer Johnsson for JM 9 Styling Anna Mårselius, photo Kristofer Johnsson for JM 10 Styling Anna Mårselius, photo Kristofer Johnsson for JM 11 Styling Anna Mårselius, photo Kristofer Johnsson for JM 12 Styling Anna Mårselius, photo Kristofer Johnsson for JM 13Here are some images from the latest work I did for residential developer JM. It´s been so much fun – especially targeting a slightly older group as these apartments are ment for seniors. Therefore I´ve gone for a very classic hopefully sophisticated style with neutrals as a base and with the hope of creating a calm and inviting place to live in. Once again it´s been a real pleasure working with the JM team, so professional and invested in what they do – everyone from marketing to the actual builders on sight. They have all been of great help and have been interested from beginning to end.

It´s also somewhat more of a challenge to create something where everything is completely new -there are now history in the walls to lean back on but you have to find a way to create a story anyhow. I really hope you like the result. Big thanks to JM, Marie & Magdalena for trusting me with this project and once again a special thanks to the one and only Marie Ramse who I could´t have done it without and who is such a star!  Thanks to Stefan for having the energy to make my ideas come through at site and thanks to Elin for assisting me perfectly as always. And finally, thanks to photographer Kristofer Johnsson for great and fun work together as always! Ha ha that was a lot of thank you´s but just had to express some love to some of the lovely people I work with xx

If you would like to see the mood board for the project you can see it here and for even more pics go to www.hitta-hem.blogspot.se

10 x Kids inspo

kids room 1 kids room 2 kids room 3 kids room 4 kids room 5kids room 6 kids room 7kids room 8kids room 9 kids room 10I was a really long time ago I showed some kid´s room interior inspiration so here are a few of my favorites that never get boring.

1-2: styling Emma Persson Lagerberg, photo Petra Bindel. 3: från Hanna Wessman´s previous apartment. 4. via , 5 via , 6 via , 7 photo: Jonas Berg, previous home of stylist Joanna Bagge , 8: via , 9: photo by Frederic Lucano , 10: via.