cravings 1 cravings 2 Skärmavbild 2015-11-09 kl. 09.21.181-2: I´m currently buying carpets for different projects as if it was chewing gum although the budgets are not quite covering this dream. Knot Collection – a new craving, carpets by Louise Liljencrantz Sivers and Fredrik Nygren of Knuts Mattor. Haven´t seen more than this yet but the combination of these two can only bring good things. You can buy them here. 3: I was mesmerized when seeing this pic at the Instagram account of @gittechristensen . Really want to see (and touch!!) the exhibition of Tzuri Gueta at the Designer Zoo in Copenhagen. 

Knot Collection via Residence. Pictures by Erik Lefvander.  


Mood board office by Anna MårseliusOne of the projects I´m working on at the moment is decorating viewing apartments for major developer JM. It´s really fun and especially to get to work with one of my former Beckmans class mates, Marie Ramse who is doing this full time and is really amazing at it. The pictures above are part of the mood board that I made for the first apartment where I´m supposed to get a new look on an already exciting one. We are shooting it next week and I think it will be out before Christmas. The next project is decorating an apartment completely from scratch and I´ve got so many ideas for that already and am really excited to get going on that too. But first, this one!

You can see the full mood board here

For sale

Joanna 1 joanna 2 joanna 3 joanna 4 joanna 5 joanna 6 joanna 7A longer break from the blog than planned but time is something that I would need more of at the moment. One of the things that have been shown in several places is this creative and smart home by interior designer and shop owner, Joanna Bagge. Especially like the bedroom divided by an industrial black window fronting the kid´s beds. Also very nice to see some white metal instead of all the brass everywhere at the moment.

Via Tant Johanna with thanks. More pictures here, photo by Jonas Berg