Beckmans up date

Promised to tell you a bit more about the course I´m taking at Beckmans Academy. Yesterdays challenge was to create a still life (is that really the English word for it?) with some of teacher Lotta´s props and some things taken from home. Everyone did a really great job & here are some examples. Even though several people took pictures there was no proper lighting and set up so please see this as more of a ”behind the scenes”. More pics on the blogs below.

1: styling: Lisa Martinis, foto: Charlotte Friberg

2: styling: Annaleena, foto: Madebyje

3: styling: Lina Törneman, foto: Madebyje

4: styling & foto: Fröken Friberg

5: styling: Pella, Stil Inspiration, foto: Fröken Friberg

6: styling: Tant Johanna, foto: Fröken Friberg

7: styling & foto: Madebyje

8 & 9: styling: Anna Gillar, foto: Fröken Friberg & Madebyje

4 reaktion på “Beckmans up date

  1. Oh 'm SO jealous! I love Lotta's work (and her blog). I wish I could have been there! Looks like a lot of talented people took part. Your still life is really beautiful. Nicely balanced.

    x E.