The weekend

weekend via brown dress with white dots

The weekend has offered very little of feet up high (as it should be just weeks before Xmas) & in an hour we are leaving for my sister´s house to do a pre-version of the big day as we are not spending the actual day together this year. Cosy and busy at the same time and the kids are of course super excited to get not only one celebration but three in total. Have a great Sunday everyone xx

Via Brown Dress With White Dots with thanks


wishlist November by Anna Marselius

We have practically stopped giving presents to each other in our family except for to the kids who are not at all into that idea… but since I´m spending a couple of hours in bed with a terrible cold before a big work race this afternoon – I had a little bit of time to dream away. Seems like it always ends up with me wanting classics and often stuff that I´ve dreamed of for a long time but have not afforded or prioritized. Here we go:

1. Cestita, the little sister of Miguel Milá’s famous Cesta lamp, both designed over fifty years ago. 235 Euros, Santa & Cole 2. Big knit love by Natural Wool Knits, 2500 SEK. There are several options of this lovely kind of blanket, if I could knit I would definitely try to make one myself… 3. Bra Val/Good Choice products by Åhléns, table cloths, napkins & kitchen towels in natural colours and ecological cotton. Styling by Lotta Agaton, photo: Mikkel Mortensen 4. Vintage Bertoia Diamond Chair, has been on the list forever. Preferably in all white like this one. Pic by me from Instagram 5. Water pitcher and glass from Granit, 149 SEK. Love the simplicity and design. Perfect next to the bed. Via Riazzoli with thanks 6 & 7. Body & Hand cream from Grown Alchemist. All eco products with environmental awareness and beautiful packaging  8. Paperweight Botanique, 529 SEK, Artilleriet. I´m collecting paperweights and this would make a great addition. 

Wishlist on a budget

Christmas by Anna MårseliusIn my family we have decided to have a Christmas gift max limit of 150 SEK for the adults. We don´t really think it makes any sense giving each other expensive gifts but are still too childish not give anything at all so the compromise is to buy something under this amount. It is not always easy to find something that is not just junk but if you think about it there is a lot of very nice things to find. Here are some ideas if you are having the same kind of tradition or just want to add a little budget to the giftlist.

1: Diamond made of marble or cement, 45 SEK from Bloomingville/Olsson & Gerthel. 2: Alfa Lavastone, 149 SEK, Made A Mano/Artilleriet, 3: Notepad ”Faux” Marble, 79 SEK from Playtype/Artilleriet, 4: Towel, 149 SEK, H&M, 5: Hand cream, 99 SEK, Granit, 6: Hourglass, 129 SEK, House Doctor, 7: Kaleido tray by Clara von Zweigbergk for Hay, 119 kr, Rädda Barnen Webshop where 58 SEK goes directly to their charity work, 8: Stripes Washing Basket, 135 SEK, House Doctor, 9: Small houses, 85 SEK from Bloomingville/Olsson & Gerthel, 10: Porcelain vase, 135 SEK from Bloomingville/Olsson & Gerthel.