Sleepy pastel

bedroom pastel 2bedroom pastel 1Even though there has been an overdose of pastel in the past something about these pics caught my eye. Mostly I like the idea of having your bed up the stairs on a small loft like this, but there is also the idea on the other pic to have a shelf behind the ben all the way out to the window for frames and still life building.

Foto: Alexander van Berge | Styling: Cleo Scheulderman, via VTWonen. I´ve also shown the  home of Cleo before here

Good morning!


First day of work after two weeks of total relaxation (it was a bank holiday in Sweden yesterday). My head is still not 100% ready to kick things off (this morning was really interesting….) – but with a big cup of tea & some pilates to wake me up I´m sure things will fall into place soon. Wishing you a very good start to the week with some flowers and color!

Via Father Rabbit 

Slow start

Taking a slow start to the week working from home organizing what was left out from last week & starting up the new one. One of the many perks of being a freelancer – that your schedule (most of the time) is your very own. And even though could count as a slow morningI´ve already completed so many things and that always makes a good beginning to what is to come. And also a promise to you – I know the blog has been running a bit low and slow lately because there has been some changes going on here but I´m back with loads of energy and I´m hoping you are still with me and willing to join!

Pic via Regardez moi