For the young ones

Kids 1 Kids 2I´ve noticed that one thing you seem to fancy a lot (and that I will try to get better at showing more of) is kid´s rooms. I really enjoy that too but sometimes it is hard to find inspirational features that are not too cute or so stylish it almost becomes silly. The amazing Milk Magazine is great for inspiration and just in case you haven´t discovered Designmom yet, there is some good stuff there as well (the two pics from there). Go check it out if you like or visit my Pinterest album on the same topic.

Kids room

One of the things I get most questions about is kids rooms so here I´m going bananas with no less than 17 examples with very nice ideas & details. Great for me too as I´m gathering inspiration for a photo shoot next week with kids and interior as a big part of it. I will put a pic out on Instagram today as well from my son´s room to add to this bonanza. If you still can´t get enough, please feel free to enter my favorite blogs that are so inspirational on this topic, Weekday Carnival, Mokkasin & Varpunen.

1 & 14-17: Mokkasin, 2: Filippa Ks hem från Elle Interiör 2005, 3: source unknown, 4-6: Varpunen, 7-10: Stil Inspiration, 11-13: Weekday Carnival