Links on a Tuesday

Hope you all have had a good start to the week. Here are some links to take us further:

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Coat love from Max Mara through the closet of Casey Fremont Crowe featured on always inspiring The Coveteur. Photo by Jake Rosenberg.

Skärmavbild 2017-11-14 kl. 08.42.35Sunday´s Father´s Day was celebrated at home with this lunch and what we can´t get enough of – Swedish classic ”Råraka with löjrom” and champagne for dinner. A menu I could live with forever.


Since I´ve got almost an unhealthy addiction to anything that has got to do with scents I can´t wait for this Thursday when it gets easier to get hold of Ann Ringstrand´s scented candles, perfumes etc. This time through the launch of her products chez Asplund. Another way to put irresistible scent to a room with a somewhat cheaper option is with Granit´s own room spray for their 20th Birthday. It´s really lovely.


& Other Stories are probably not new to anyone but have you seen their stationary category? Some really nice stuff to affordable prices.

September: On my mind

A few days in October already but can´t leave the beautiful month of September without putting together a list so here we go: 
Skärmavbild 2017-10-03 kl. 13.56.42

Travel: The only place I want to go to right now….our second home. Long walks by the sea, good food, sauna and after a very cold jump in the ocean you are as good as new.

Pic via my Instagram. 

shoes septShoes: I should probably look for Wellies but all I want now are these leopard prints. Preferably without the detailing though.

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flower septFlower: Heading for Fall most of the flowers entering my home right now are in this shade. Love going darker when the evenings are getting longer and longer. Trying to embrace what´s to come. Also perfect combined with milky whites.

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outfit septOutfit: This coat – ”Annecy” by Totême is more than welcome to join my closet.

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bedroom septBedroom: This bedroom view goes hand in hand with my wishes of spending time in the country house very soon. Warm inside, crispy and moody outside. Perfect combination.

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office septOffice: Hello dream space. I´m actually finally moving into an office (not this one though) but more of that in a later post.

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Skärmavbild 2017-10-03 kl. 13.15.59Words: Words can not describe the feelings and thoughts that probably go on in all of our heads from one devastating act in the world to another. Please stop the hatred and let the light in.

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mat septFood: Anything with chanterelles is on my wishlist right now. I´m probably going to have to go get some for tonight already. One of my absolute favorites. This chanterelles soup with bacon and goat cheese toast looks delicious. 

Pic & recipe via. 

Skärmavbild 2017-10-03 kl. 13.34.03Series: OMG it´s not for sensitive people, makes you feel sick at times but it´s also really good. Based on Margaret Atwood´s novel of dystopia Gilead, Elisabeth Moss is brilliant in the role as ”Offred”.

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sustainable septSustainable pick: From September 30th until October 8th Naturskyddsföreningen are running the initiative of ”The environmental friendly week”. This time focus is what kind of beauty products we use and what is in them; soap, shampoo, lotions etc etc. We need to get better to make sure that what we are using is actually truly environmentally friendly and Naturskyddsföreningen is trying to help for example by putting their label on products that have been approved through their guidelines & also by pushing companies and others to only use approved products. You can read more and participate in the campaign here.

music septMusic: This song has been with me since released and I don´t get tired of it. If you haven´t already listened to it – take a few minutes now. Lana Del Rey feat. Sean Lennon with ”Tomorrow Never Came” of the Lust for Life album.

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August: On my mind

Skärmavbild 2017-08-28 kl. 09.45.28Travel: Recently back from four lovely weeks in France and feel super spoiled not being done with the summer activities quite yet. Soon heading for Mallorca with my sister and mother to celebrate our mother´s 70th birthday & we are all beyond excited. Currently reading through all great tips of Sanna Fischer Nordström featured on her blog and all I wish is that we had more days to spend.

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the vanessaShoes: These ”Vanessa” shoes in grey suede from Blankens have been sold out for a while but managed to get on the waiting list for next restock and therefore hopefully have these perfect Fall mini heels on my feet very soon.

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Flower: I used to find Baby´s breath too romantic as an everyday flower but through the last years I´ve changed my mind and now use it quite often. On my kitchen table right now are leftovers from one of last week´s photoshoots with Baby´s breath mixed with Eucalyptus.

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suitOutfit: Could this be the Fall where I´m becoming a suit person? I really hope so. Inspired by the Mango campaign video as well, think it´s a really nice one. You can see it here

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Skärmavbild 2017-08-28 kl. 10.35.22Bedroom: Wouldn’t mind sleeping in these lovely bedlinen by recently launched Midnatt. In love with the Dromedary shade.

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NoteOffice: Soft tones by Note design studio.

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words augustWords: So true. I´m just gonna go for it. And so should you.

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gather & feastFood: How perfect is this? Every morning I wake up superhungry and one of the first places to visit for inspiration is amazing Gather & Feast on Instagram. This cheese platter by @emmahawkins & captured by @blossomdailycreative looks so good. Weekend goals.

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dialoguesBook: Finally bought ”Dialogues” by Frama in cooperation with Our Food Stories the other day and I can really recommend it. Not only inspirational in terms of beautiful pictures and settings but also filled with some really nice recipes and conversations with interesting creatives.

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cottonmadeSustainable pick: This month´s choice is my friend Maria Soxbo of blog Husligheter´s cooperation with Cottonmade. Beautiful towels in different colors, here in Krita that goes straight on my wishlist. All made by eco cotton and with a GOTS certification. Well done, Maria! Looks great.

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Music: Not knowing anything else about this band than that this one track is one of the most beautiful songs I´ve ever heard and it´s been on repeat all summer long. Bell X1 with ”The Upswing”. Go on Spotify as well to listen without the video….

At home with Louise Liljencrantz

lo 1 lo 2 lo 3 lo 4 lo 5 lo 6 Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 10.23.15 lo 7I don´t think I ever posted these images once they where released so for the ones who have not yet seen them you are really in for a treat. This is the home of super talented interior designer Louise Liljencrantz. So stylish, beautiful and serene. Perfectly captured by one of my favorite photographers to work with, Erik Lefvander.

Via Est Living with thanks.