Clean October

October to me means starting fresh. As the days get darker you get more tired and the count for endless colds is just about to start. So from now (started already on Monday but if you would like to join what day is better than the first day of the month?):

Exercise minimum three times/week, no alcohol, no sugar, no shopping, as much clean eating as possible, spend as much time as I possibly can outside and to me probably most importantly – making sure to go to bed earlier. Set your own goals or maybe join mine. Welcome October! xx

Ps. Why I´m writing this is because I´m the worst at keeping longer promises like this, I tend to go all in during the first two weeks and then slowly go back to old habits…But I´m hoping that if I put this down in words with you as witnesses I´ll hopefully feel even more motivated Ds.


4 reaktion på “Clean October

  1. Det där med gå och lägga mig tidigare skall bli mitt oktobermål. Men bara ”tidigare” är svårt, för räcker det med 00:30 om jag brukar lägga mig 00:45? Så jag har satt målet ”inte efter tolv”.
    Lycka till med dina mål!

    • Vet precis vad du menar, Emma! Oftast funkar mitt huvud dessutom som bäst sent på kvällen, det är då alla idéer kommer….men det är inte alltid flott när klockan ringer vid 6.30 så lite ändring måste det bli. Lycka till du med! Axx