Getting there

I wasn´t really ready for Christmas and snow yet but after having a round (after a week of non-voluntary blogging) on some of my favourite blogs (and some random goole searching, 7 & 8)I found this mix and now everything has changed. I´m decorating the house like crazy, almost stars in every window. Thank you dear fellow bloggers – just what I needed and wanted.

1: Scandinavian Deko via Trendenser
2 & 4: Annaleenas Hem, also photographer 
3: Lotta Agaton
5-6: STIL Inspiration, also photographer for pic 5
7: Style Moodboard
8: Flickr
9: Bodie and Fou via Emmas Designblogg
10: Daniella Witte, also photographer via Emma & Daniella

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