Happy Thursday!

Annaleena recently posted some pics from the store so had to borrow some of them and invite you to today´s ”Happy Thursday” at Rådmansgatan 7 – Lotta Agaton Shop. Unfortunately I won´t be there to welcome you since we are heading of for X-mas celebrations already, but two – best Lotta & Lina – thirds of this happy gang will be there to take good care of you. Happy shopping!

The store is open between 12-20.

Photographer: Annaleena

4 reaktion på “Happy Thursday!

  1. Gives me another great reason to visit Stockholm. Just need to make sure it's over a Thursday 🙂 Happy Christmas and thank you for an inspiring blog!

  2. P – puss!

    Rum för Två – till dig igen & hoppas vi ses snart!

    Niki – Happy New Year to you and hope you´ve had a great X-mas! So glad you like the blog.