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Linum 1 Linum 2 Linum 3 Linum 4 Linum 5So in love with the Fall campaign from Linum that currently seems to be taking all bloggers with storm. The location (think it is somewhere in Barcelona), the colors, structures and patterns. The carpets are just amazing. And the styling so spot on what makes my heart tick. I think it is the team behind the store Dusty Deco that have styled it, well done!


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  1. Anna dear…pff thank you for the post, I cannot take my eyes from the pictures, they are amazing…I love every single corner, color, shape…everything is sooo stylish. Brilliant! Thank you!

    Since I enjoyed so much your post, let me share with you our wool felt ball rug world: . You’ll quickly find that a felt ball carpet is quite unlike anything else: (it is our new video about our social impact) I hope you will like them! 🙂

    • Thank you Daniela, really glad you liked it. The whole collection is magic and the styling too. Thanks for inviting me to see your rugs, really like them too! Axx