Hope you all have had a great weekend! The holiday is now completely over on my part and honestly that feels ok since it is an exciting time coming up. I´ll continue the race of getting my business up and running and it is really tough to get in there so I´ll probably need all the energy possible to succeed.

To start off with I just moved in to an office and that feels so great as I was not the best at working from home.  Now spending my days (or soon…they are still on the holiday side of things) with two talented and inspiring women, Maria Soxbo & Johanna Swanberg.

And another thing, I just started an Instagram account for Anna gillar. I have a private one but since that is mostly a family thing the new one is the one you would want to go for (if at all interested of course). Very welcome to join me there (annagillar)!

Have a great week everyone!

Pic from my office space from the Annagillar Instagram. Soon in autumn colors…

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  1. Grattis till att ha fixat kontor! Jag har själv nystartat företag och kämpar med att jobba hemifrån. Svårare än jag trodde 🙂 Det lät himla trevligt med inspirerande kontorskompisar. Stort lycka till med företagandet, jag tror hösten är en utmärkt tid att sätta tänderna i en utmaning! Jag ska def kolla in annagillar på Instagram. (jag går under namnet emmaru)