Latest work

Rum-Hemma-Höst-styling-Anna-Marselius_001 Rum-Hemma-Höst-styling-Anna-Marselius_002 Rum-Hemma-Höst-styling-Anna-Marselius_003New work for magazine Rum Hemma in stores now. A really fun job where I painted this amazing 8 cornered room from white to dark grey and what a difference it made. All product info and more pictures in the magazine and for anyone who would like to try the colour, it is Alcro´s Pigeon Grey.

Styling by me, photo by Kristofer Johnsson

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    • totally agree! I should definitely get better at that but often don´t have enough time and the final result is always captured by a professional photographer vs. me on iPhone from as before picture. That in itself makes it an uneven comparison 😉 But sometimes I do show before and after on my Instagram so please feel free to join me there. Ax