Let there be

dröm överst 1 dröm 1 dröm 2Heading for the Furniture & Light Fair in Stockholm tomorrow and as I´m seriously longing for some green, hints of spring and some added color that is hopefully exactly what I will get. Fingers crossed for lots of exciting news and inspiration. Hope to see some of you there!

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    • Blir så glad att du kommenterar så mkt, det gör bloggandet så mkt roligare! Såg er fina blogg också, vet inte om min kommentar gick igenom?! Mässan var toppen, hoppas du också fick chans att gå. Axx

    • Sonya – So glad you like it! Won´t be posting that much from the fair on the blog as there are so many others that are good at it. Will try to collect a list of good reports for you. Axx