Ode no.2

With no ranking of the two, here is the second example of what has been so great to see over the past weeks. Josefin Hååg of 20 Kvadrat, who is now doing what I did before by enjoying an internship with mentor Lotta Agaton, has both styled and shot some really nice pics while playing around with Lotta´s props. I am so convinced that Josefin will be one of those stylists that we will see in the magazines not far from now as she has got that touch and drive that you so need. A talent I can´t wait to see more of. And as I have turned out to be a slave for details myself I love to see how things get better each time. Go Josefin!

Styling and photo by Josefin Hååg

9 reaktion på “Ode no.2

  1. Anna! Du anar inte hur glad ditt inlägg gör mig! Rara du. Jag känner mig otroligt smickrad och stolt över att du gillar det jag gör och skriver så fint!! Så gulligt att du tror på mig, jag tror på dig! Det gjorde verkligen hela min kväll och jag känner mig om möjligt ännu mer inspirerad att fortsätta framåt! TACK.