Paris kind of mood

Paris mood board by Anna Mårselius

I booked a trip to Paris yesterday and I´m so excited about going. It turns out that both my husband and I had planned a surprise trip for each other for both our birthdays and even though the original plan was to go to the Amalfi coast as we haven´t been, we ended up deciding on Paris. I lived there for a year when I was younger, studying French at La Sorbonne. An amazing time but longer ago than I would like to admit so please please if you have any advice on restaurants and nice interior shops I would love to get some (big thanks to Josefin who has already been kind to point me in the right direction).

Believe it or not but I´ve already looked at over a 1000 (!!) apartments…..I know that is probably not normal but I really enjoy it so much… Without doubt we will end up somewhere around Marais. See you in May, Paris!

Mood board by me. Pics via parisian lovely J´ADR with thanks 

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  1. Hi Anna; well great minds think alike as this week is Paris week on my blog! I have tips on hotels but also asked my friends who live there to give me their best addresses. They won’t be the usual touristy clichés so go and take a look (today is hotels, tips will be from Wednesday).
    Enjoy, Paris in springtime is just delightful (as you know since you lived there).