The family

The family, Anna MårseliusI do get comments and sometimes emails wishing that I should get more personal with the blog. It will however probably stay the way it is despite of that as I more find this space a place where I collect and share my inspiration. However I do understand the comments, I personally love blogs that are sharing and open about what is going on in their lives. You can be both an interior & lifestyle blogger at the same time of course. I´ll try to become a little bit better, bare with me. As a start I will share a pic with you of the love of my life, my family. It´s a miracle that all four of us are even in one pic as both our kids love to run off when we occasionally try to get a family one. I guess many of you recognize the situation 😉

With this I wish you all a great weekend!

Thanks for the pic C & J xx

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    • Thank you Stephanie, those words made my heart warm. I hope that people see much of me through the pics and get inspired by them. That is really what this blog is all about for me, the hope to inspire people from all the things I see and get ideas from. And I´m glad you liked the pic, it is a friend of ours who took it on a beautiful late summer day in the park of Rosendal. I feel happy every time I see it so thought I could share that with you too. Axx