Today´s imaginary office

today officeI´m on the hunt for a new office. Liked my old one very much, especially since I had the best roomies Maria & Johanna, but it was too far away and did not really fill all of my needs for space of props. So now I´m looking around and while working from home I´m getting more certain by the day that it is crucial to find something soon. Especially on a Friday because there is nothing like having had a manic week like this one and on Friday night getting back home to family and a good dinner. When I find something I hope to be able to put the desk looking out the room. I´ve never been a looking at the wall person but as that is often the easiest (and sometimes only) way to decorate, that is the most common solution. Fingers crossed I´ll find something soon.

2 reaktion på “Today´s imaginary office

  1. Samma här.
    Börjar inse att ju mer silversmide jag gör och ju mer kuvert, emballage som jag har runt omkring mig så behöver jag en liten atelje. Inte mycket rum. Och gärna i grannhuset 😉 Och så kan jag få hänga upp alla mina sparade U:n som jag har på en vägg. Wiiihoooo.
    Jaja, en dag så …

    Trevlig helg.