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Some cravings right now….1. Luna Star Necklace by Pernille Corydon. You can find it here. 2. Knockout table by Ida Linea Hildebrand, Friends & Founders. This one would be perfect in our hallway and I´m hoping for a piece to one of my clients as well. You can find it here. 3. Candra pillowcase. I can see these as well in my bed as in my sofa or on outdoor furniture in the summer. You can find them here. 4. I have no idea where to find this dress (just a pinterest find) but I love the whole look madly and in my next life I will look like that 5. Singolo bedset from Mille Notti. I used this one for a job that you can see soon and fell in love with the quality and elegant hotel look. I´m sure we will see even more of bedsets like these in interior stylings in the future. You can find them here. 6. Next to me while working almost every day, I´m addicted to it´s fresh scent. Meraki scented candle sandalwood and jasmine. And a major bonus, it has a very reasonable price for being a scented candle. You can find it here.