Your weekend things!

weeeeeekeeendI would love to hear you share your weekend plans and ideas! Some inspiration for all of us. Please don´t be shy, sometimes there are not many comments here but I can see for a fact that there are many of you stopping by and it would really be great to hear from you. So please share! Don´t have to answer all of it if you don´t want to, here is just some ideas to get you going.

  1. Weekend thoughts, what are you looking forward to doing the most? Could be more than one thing..
  2. What music will you listen to?
  3. What film/series and/or book might you watch and read?
  4. What food will you eat/cook?
  5. What event should we not miss?

I´ll start…

  1. Tonight just staying home with the kids watching a movie like most Fridays  and I love it. Tomorrow, football game as every weekend with our son, ride our bikes for a big tour our daughter has planned all week since she just learned how do ride her bike after years of refusing to try. We have been on a lot of bike tours this passed week…Unpacking and putting together new furniture for our kid´s rooms. They are getting older and their rooms look as if they where as they would say ”babies”. Sunday dinner at my parents house after the movies.
  2. I will listen to whatever you are telling me to! Need new inspiration. I´m always (!) listening to music and am in desperate need of refueling with new stuff.
  3. We are actually having trouble finding new series and films at the moment as we have gone through it all it seems. We are serie junkies I have to say. Started watching Easy on Netflix the other day so my guess is that we will have reached the end of that by Sunday evening…
  4. Really want to try that good ravioli….
  5. There won´t be any big events for me this weekend but would love to hear what I´m missing!

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6 reaktion på “Your weekend things!

  1. HI Anna, good idea, it’s true that it’s difficult to get people to comment these days!

    Our weekend
    1. Tonight our classic ”apéritif” where we discuss and plan the weekend with our 9 yeras old daughter. Followed by a TV diner watching Strictly Come Dancing, a very popular programme in the UK (look it up, it’s glitzy, it’s a bit tacky but it works!).
    Tomorrow, taking our daughter to a trial dance class for Modern dance and then driving to my family in law on the coast of England (I am French, my husband is English). On the way we’ll stop at a castle for a tour and a walk in the park.
    2. I am listening to suprises on Deezer (a French Spotify) great to discover new artists based on your previous liked tracks.
    3. I probably won’t have time to read or view a film this weekend (see answer to Q1) but if you haven’t watched it already, I highly recommend the West Wing. We are huge fans and have watched the whole 7 series about 4 times! Friends tell me that Narcos on Netflix is good.
    4. On Sunday, trying out the new roast diner at the Filo, the pub owned by my family in law in Hastings.
    5. It’s my nephew’s 12th year old birthday!

    • Thank you so much for sharing, Stephanie! And as the first one above all. Think you weekend sounds perfect and feel super inspired by it. Will right away look into both Strictly Come Dancing (cause I guess it´s not Dancing With The Stars?).

      I always try to find tracks based on previously listened to on Spotify, but it doesn’t always match. Will have to look into possibilities of Deezer, thanks!!

      West Wing, so good! Narcos too 😉 As you can see, I´m a little bit addicted to series …

      Hope the dinner at Filo was great and that you nephew had all the things (at least almost) he wished for for his birthday.

      Thanks so much for sharing, Stephanie! Feel inspired already
      Anna xx

  2. 1. Tonight: couch, couch, couch. Tomorrow birthday party and then the Nutcracker by Benke Rydman . Sunday, dance class wirh A and then the best last: Family garhering at mum’s and dad’s Sunday. See u there
    2. Right now I’m listening to the play list New Music Friday Sweden on Spotify. Not fantastic. Will try to find something else.
    3. Will be missing the Night Manager and giving Bron another chance.
    4. Osso Buco and risotto with chanterelles (❤️ Kai).
    5. A siesta.

    Big kiss!

    • Love you darling siz for being one of 3 who joined! Love Benke, hope it was good! Night Manager, exactly! Just for the scenery on it´s own. Hoping for more seasons. Bron…haven´t seen it, probably because I´m a chicken and can´t see anything not being a bit cheery in the end. Happy endings, yes please.

      Ok – yes please menu, can we make that a date for next weekend?!


  3. 1. Tonight, writing, yoga, and livestock care (chickens, dogs, cats, and squirrels don’t feed themselves after all). Tomorrow a walk with the dogs and a home spa after yoga.
    2. Chet Faker, Emiliana Torrini, Thievery Corp., Pink Martini, Bastille, Walk the Moon.
    3. Quarry. I’ve put it off long enough.
    4. Corn tacos with roasted vegetables and chicken in lime cilantro sauce, tomorrow it’s quiche in the morning, bacon and eggs at night
    5. Home town Get Down is this weekend and I’m missing it now!

    • Thank you so much, Sarah! I can´t tell you how much it gives me to hear what you are doing too. Writing only about me an my inspiration is…well, yes – sometimes boring and not very fulfilling. Sounds like the perfect weekend for me. And especially with writing and yoga. Takes some self discipline to make that come through. I always think about what I want to do and then reality is checking in and it makes it at least more…challening. Will look into all of your music ideas right now! Thank you so much for sharing and hope you had a great weekend and good start to the new week! Ax