Come along!

Dear readers! It´s time to move on properly and I welcome you to my new page !  Have loved having you at my old page and am hoping that you will keep on following here, so please change your readers to get all up dates as usual. The new page will be a part of a bigger family very soon, but more on that in a few weeks…Welcoming the new one by showing you some of the work I did last week with photographer Kristofer Johnsson(thank you!). Since I´m working on my portfolio I thought I probably need some pics from above, so here we go.
Welcome to!
Styling: Anna Mårselius
Photographer: Kristofer Johnsson

My window

It´s not my window from home but from a job I did for IKEA Livet Hemma the other week. I have to admit that I´m really shy about showing my work but since the comments from some of you is that you wish to see more of just that, my promise to you is to deliver more on that end….I hope you like it and maybe more than my husband who is a little bit too concerned about how to open that window without too much of a hassle 🙂

Thank you to fotographer Patric Johanson, Hanna Meijer & the rest of the team for a great day! 

Who are you?

I´m really curious, wondering so much who all of you fantastic people are that are visiting my little page of inspiration every day? I would love to hear more about who you are, what you are interested in seeing more of, if you have a blog of your own or just anything else you are willing to share. I hope you know how happy I am for every single visit, that truly makes it so much more fun doing this thing. Looking forward to hear more of who you are, and yes – there is not always so many comments and I do realise that at blog like this there is not always so much to say – but this time – please surprise me and say hi whoever you are!


1 & 3: Wisuella
2: source unknown

New from Sasa

Last week I did a styling job (will show you the result as soon as the pics are published) and had at the same time the pleasure of  watching another styling session by Sasa Antic. Today I found some of his latest work that I really like. Well done Sasa, with the work fotographed by sweet & talented Patric Johansson – have to run off to by Plaza asap.

Wednesday mix

I realise these mixes sometimes feel they have absolutely no common ground but what they mean to me is just to show you best of the pics I´ve found the past week (in addition to the other ones already shown in themes or other). It´s like my personal on-the-blog-Pinterest and I just can´t let them go so that is why they are put into a very much mixed mix….Anyhow – I hope you like it and find some pleasure in some of the them xx

1-2: Photo Problem
3-8: View
9-12: Nous-Portons
13: 20 kvadrat