Off we go!


It´s time for the next destination – Los Angeles. Leaving tomorrow and staying for a month. Can´t tell you how glad I am! We have been going back and forth on this decision and finally decided to go. Hallelujah for generous friends who are lending us their houses while going back to Sweden, & Hallelujah for what will hopefully and finally be some sun. Now the only thing is to get there safe, those of you who has been with me for a while know that I am terrified of flying, so fingers crossed now…

Hugs to you all and see you over there!

Pic & song

Freunde friend


Back in Stockholm for a few days after a trip from west- to east coast in Sweden. The kids are with my parents for two days so that we can do some washing, un- and repacking and some other things before heading of to the next destination. If you have kids you probably know exactly how bitter sweet it can be without them – you miss them terribly but still enjoy the quite alone time and the idea of sleeping more than an hour in a row. We have actually finished a few sentences already but are laughing at the fact that most sentences are about the kids and all the fun things they do and say.

Anyhow – we did watch a movie tonight, and even though Keira Knightley is not one of my favourite actressses, the choice was Last Night. Actually not a bad movie at all but what got my heart ticking was actually the kitchen the leading couple had!! Love those NY loft kitchens. Tried to find pictures of it but didn´t find any so guess you have to see it to know what I mean. Maybe  one rainy night.

The kitchen on the pictures kind of reminded me of the kitchen in the movie. Not that it look anything like it but it is just the sense of a similar thing. 

Pics via Freunde von Freunden 

Going Mac


Ok, sorry for long absence – it´s not that I did not have anything to post but I´m changing from PC to Mac (I bought the Mac almost a year ago and still haven´t used it since we always fight to much too much to even enjoy makeup sex).  This post took me sooooo long to make so I´m even thinking about giving up but will give it one more try as everyone is telling me how very user friendly the Mac is (don´t believe a word of that so far…..). Bare with me please….

Pic via I am a dreamer