Yellow details


This week a project dropped down on my lap and once again I get the chance to work with the lovely Lina Törneman. We are decorating a new office of 100m2 in 3 days. Combining what already is there and adding new things is always a challenge, and a nice touch to the by us always used white-black-grey scale is the addition of some yellow details. Fingers crossed it will come out nicely (and on time!).

1: via Blackbird, 2-3: Riazzoli 

At home with Cajsa Cramer


I was going to show pictures from the lovely Yvonne Konés home but since it has already gone through the blog sphere like fire today I´ll stick to the black and white theme of Cajsa Cramer´s home. These pics by Frida Ramstedt of Trendenser who today showed a sneek peak of what she and photographer Bodil Bergquist had done for up coming issue of Femina, will definately run and buy it asap. In addition to amazing ceramic work, it seems as if Mrs Cramer has really good taste at home as well.

Pics by & via  Frida Ramstedt with thanks!

Back in shape


Eye cathing shapes, love pics like these. Sorry for abscence during this week but it has been a hectic period with lots of exciting work and the time has simply not been enough. I´ve had a really fun photo shoot the past week that you will see in one of the bigger interior magazines in the near future. If you don´t see updates here you can always catch me on Instagram (annagillar) where it tends  to be easier to give glimps of what is going on. The blog is also under construction with new things coming up ahead so please bare with me and you will hopefully find many interesting things in the end. A week in the office coming up, meaning more probability of some good  posting so hope to see you here. xx

Pics via The Black Workshop

Weekend life


It´s been an amazing weekend and I hope you fell the same. Even though we are far, very far….from the perfect garden we did some proper work today turning a jungle into something that you at least can walk and see through. I probably have spiders and tons of other interesting bugs in my hair but it is worth it. Warm day, a few things ticked of from the to-do list, a nice dinner with all doors and windows open and then sofa time. Couldn´t ask for anything more as the coming week will be filled with many interesting and energy-consuming things. Thank G it is good stuff coming up, very excited! Wishing you all a great Sunday evening and an even better start to the week!

Pic via Items by Designbird