Kids room

One of the things I get most questions about is kids rooms so here I´m going bananas with no less than 17 examples with very nice ideas & details. Great for me too as I´m gathering inspiration for a photo shoot next week with kids and interior as a big part of it. I will put a pic out on Instagram today as well from my son´s room to add to this bonanza. If you still can´t get enough, please feel free to enter my favorite blogs that are so inspirational on this topic, Weekday Carnival, Mokkasin & Varpunen.

1 & 14-17: Mokkasin, 2: Filippa Ks hem från Elle Interiör 2005, 3: source unknown, 4-6: Varpunen, 7-10: Stil Inspiration, 11-13: Weekday Carnival

Ode no.2

With no ranking of the two, here is the second example of what has been so great to see over the past weeks. Josefin Hååg of 20 Kvadrat, who is now doing what I did before by enjoying an internship with mentor Lotta Agaton, has both styled and shot some really nice pics while playing around with Lotta´s props. I am so convinced that Josefin will be one of those stylists that we will see in the magazines not far from now as she has got that touch and drive that you so need. A talent I can´t wait to see more of. And as I have turned out to be a slave for details myself I love to see how things get better each time. Go Josefin!

Styling and photo by Josefin Hååg

Good things

I want to take this evening to celebrate some fellow bloggers and stylists that are as myself fairely new in the business. As I now know what hard work often is behind the most simple picture I especially appreciate when good things happen to good people and the two examples I´m giving are a pair of just that. It is always a combination of several things – location, photographer, stylist, circumstances, light, time and many other challenges- and just because of that a good result is impressive and fulfilling to see. Emma of Emmas Designblogg has styled these pics for a restaurant in Copenhagen and the result is very invigorating. So inspiring to see people around you making their way – go Emma! This will be the first celebration of today.

Styling by Emma Fexeus, photo by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen