3 years

blekrosa 1 blekrosa 2 pink flowersI can´t believe you are already 3 years old my little (big!) darling! Some pics of your favorite colors on your special day. I actually started this blog while expecting you since I had to stay still for four months and had to make at least something of my time. The blog started thoughts of change of profession and so it happened. You inspired me then and still do every day. You are the best daughter and sister one could have and I (and we) am so grateful for every day I get to spend with you. Congratulations sweetest F!

1-2:  The Poetry of Material Things 3: La Vie En Rose

Mixed love

shapes 2 shapes 3 shapes 4 shapes 5My pounding head searches clean and neat inspiration.

I´ve been asked about reports from the Stockholm Furniture Fair and as I rarely do one as there are so many others being better at it – I´m happy to forward you to my office colleague and friend Maria of Husligheter. In addition to her own report she also links to other bloggers on the same topic. Enjoy!

Pics via Kate The Great