Happy New Year!

2014Thank you so much everyone for joining me here everyday, it really means the world to me and I love sharing all kinds of inspiration with you. I really hope you all have had an amazing Christmas & that you get an even better start to the new year. Many exciting things ahead for both you and I, I´m sure of it. Lots of love to you xx

Have a great weekend!

le weekend 1 le weekend 2 le weekend 3After a crazy busy ending to the week I´m cutting it short and am checking out for a weekend by the sea with family and friends. When we booked this trip I didn´t think about the fact that it is just one week before Christmas with lots and lots to do, but now I can´t think of a better way of dealing with it than through this little escape. There will be time for rush again next week. Have a good weekend everyone! (instagram: annagillar)

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Wishlist on a budget

Christmas by Anna MårseliusIn my family we have decided to have a Christmas gift max limit of 150 SEK for the adults. We don´t really think it makes any sense giving each other expensive gifts but are still too childish not give anything at all so the compromise is to buy something under this amount. It is not always easy to find something that is not just junk but if you think about it there is a lot of very nice things to find. Here are some ideas if you are having the same kind of tradition or just want to add a little budget to the giftlist.

1: Diamond made of marble or cement, 45 SEK from Bloomingville/Olsson & Gerthel. 2: Alfa Lavastone, 149 SEK, Made A Mano/Artilleriet, 3: Notepad ”Faux” Marble, 79 SEK from Playtype/Artilleriet, 4: Towel, 149 SEK, H&M, 5: Hand cream, 99 SEK, Granit, 6: Hourglass, 129 SEK, House Doctor, 7: Kaleido tray by Clara von Zweigbergk for Hay, 119 kr, Rädda Barnen Webshop where 58 SEK goes directly to their charity work, 8: Stripes Washing Basket, 135 SEK, House Doctor, 9: Small houses, 85 SEK from Bloomingville/Olsson & Gerthel, 10: Porcelain vase, 135 SEK from Bloomingville/Olsson & Gerthel. 



concrete 9 concrete 2 concrete 8 concrete 6I´m in a period where I don´t want to see concrete at all at the moment (probably has got something to do with a table in our livingroom that I´m so tired of and can´t find room for anywhere else). But this concrete bathroom with the view did qualify and so did the other spaces, so concrete it is!