Saturday morning

daniella 1 daniella 2 daniella 3 daniella 4 daniella 5I love Saturday mornings, still a whole weekend to come and everyone in the family in their best moods filled with ideas of what to do. Unfortunately our plans got cancelled since our friends son (our godson) got sick but that leaves us with a clean agenda to fill with whatever comes to mind. High up on the list, take a boat to one of Stockholm´s many islands for a day in the archipelago. Too seldom do that even though there are several boats running to beautiful destinations everyday. Wishes of a great weekend to all of you!

Pictures by the very inspirational Daniella Witte 

Breakfast club

frukostfolket 1 frukostfolket 2 frukostfolket 3 frukostfolket 4 frukostfolket 5Speaking of clubs – I hope you haven´t missed this very nice initiative by sweet Johanna of Lovely Life/Tant Johanna and Hanna Stefansson. A breakfast club called ”Frukostfolket” with different themes each time, first out flowers. For now the breakfast club is just taking place in Gothenburg but I sure hope they will do something in Stockholm soon as well. Pretty please?

Foto: Alice Johnsson 

The cookbook club

dinner club 1 dinner club 3 dinner club 4 dinner club 5 dinner club 2Do you remember when I wrote about being inspired by Goop´s Cookbook Club? Well, tonight it´s gonna happen and I´m so excited. Me and some friends are kicking it off with some all vegetarian recipes from the amazing book Green Kitchen Stories. None of us are vegetarians but would all like to eat even more greens and learn how to cook delicious all vegetarian recipes so here we go! Of course there will be some sneak peeks on Instagram, see you there 😉

Pic 1-3 & 5 via Kinfolk with thanks 


Going outside

outdoors 1 outdoors 2 outdoors 3 outdoors 4 outdoors 5 outdoors 6 outdoors 7Actually we can´t enjoy being outside in Sweden at the moment as it is absolutely freezing and the rain is pouring down. A friend told me today that the temperature now is actually the same as we had on Christmas Day… Anyhow, this will of course come to an end too but before that let´s enjoy these pics dreaming of what will come.

Pics via Skur