Insta moments from Paris

Processed with MoldivBack after 4 wonderful days in Paris, I just love that city so much. Beauty everywhere. And to my big content the surprise for my husband that our two best friends where joining us after two days went all according to plan – you should have seen his face when he opened the door. I will put together a list of the restaurants and places we went to if you are interested and meanwhile here are some snapshots. Have a great week everyone xx

1) One happy guy on our balcony in the afternoon sun 2) The Eiffel tower of course, framed by the blooming trees that where everywhere. 668 steps and some vertigo later 3) Boeuf Bourguignon for lunch on this cosy veranda 4) 1 out of 100 pics of all the blooming trees. This one from Montmartre 5) Fresh berries and fruit every morning. The best raspberries I´ve ever had 6) A flower market to die for 7) Lunch at Chez Julien, a little pricy but great food and location 8) Looking down from the 5th floor where we lived (we rented a flat through Airbnb). Beautiful details everywhere 9) Of course there was a mandatory stop at Merci where I bought some very pretty props to join me for work. What I loved the most in addition to beautiful things, the restaurant with view over this courtyard garden

Pics from my Instagram

In Paris

parisIn Paris for a 4 days holiday to celebrate my husband soon turning 40, my post birthday and being married for 10 years…Up dates on Insta, see you there xx

Pic via Dora Mahmic with thanks 

Hotel Henriette

henri överst henri 1 henri 2 henri 3 henri 4 henri 5 henri 6 henri 7 henri 8 henri 9 henri 10 henri 11As we are leaving for Paris tomorrow I´m constantly asking people to share what to see, where to eat and what to do (it was 17 years ago I lived there so my list is a little bit out of date so to speak). Yesterday an Art Director (thanks Hanna!) I worked with showed me this place, Hotel Henriette,  and I fell hard for all the fun and daring interior details. Like a carnival under one roof. Here are some of the rooms and if you would like to see even more check here. And it´s not at all expensive. I actually posted a picture on Instagram the other day of a yellow room I really liked, not knowing then that it is actually one of the rooms of Hotel Henriette. I guess I was meant to find this place at this point…